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“Wangye… he must have thought about the consequences?” Su Cha was not sure about what to say. He was afraid that Lin Chujiu might not believe him, so he hurriedly added: “Wangfei, you don’t know this, but since Wangye has met you, he lost his savvy side. When the news about your disappearance came, he became restless. He made several wrong decisions. Only when the news of you being safe came, Wangye has calmed down. And then, he immediately arranged guards to pick you up, in fear you might get into accident.”

After Su Cha finished, he looked at Lin Chujiu’s face anxiously. He hoped Lin Chujiu could show any emotions. But no, Lin Chujiu’s face was still indifferent. She was not touched, nor became happy. There was even a vague hint of sarcasm on her face.

Su Cha thought he must be blinded, so he busily rubbed his eyes again and again. Lin Chujiu’s face was emotionless as if she was in peace.

He just said that their Wangfei showed a vague hint of sarcasm, but how could that be?

Su Cha didn’t give up, he added: “Wangfei, although Wangye was a little overboard, opinionated and overbearing. He is really good to his own people. Look at Liu Bai, he is so stupid, but Wangye didn’t discard him.”

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu simply response as a sign that she has heard him.

Compared with Su Cha, Liu Bai was really stupid.

Su Cha then said that he was thirsty. Well, he really does after hearing such a response. However, he quickly recovered from the blow.

At least, their Wangfei responded to his words. That was not a bad thing……

“Wangfei, you don’t know, when you disappeared for two days, Liu Bai and I were very miserable. Wangye said regardless of your life and dead, you must solved it yourself. But, he sent Liu Bai to Tiancang Pavilion to buy a news. Wangfei, I know you felt wronged in this matter, but Wangye was actually scared to lose you. If not, why would he kill that person who took you away last night.”

After Su Cha said ‘last night’, he couldn't help but gnash his teeth. “Wangfei, tell me, Wangye is such a big grown-up man now, how can he still be so impulsive? If he wanted to kill that person, he can send someone to kill him quietly. But, he went there in person. He knew it was taboo to kill someone, but he even asked people to present it in front of the emperor. What can you say about this?”

“What should I say?” Lin Chujiu asked with a questionable face. Su Cha, who has always been eloquent, was stupefied again. He drank a mouthful of tea and suppressed the shock in his heart, then said: “Wangfei, are you teasing me?”

He was really wondering if their Wangfei was stupid or acting stupid.

“You came to me, and then you said so many things. So, to ask if I am teasing you, that is a funny thing. You were actually kidding me, right?” Lin Chujiu looked at Su Cha. Her eyes were very calm, as if she actually understood everything. Su Cha panic for a moment and didn’t dare to look at Lin Chujiu. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t let him go: “Today, you came to me and said so much, was it Wangye’s idea or yours?” 

“I… my idea.” Early this morning, Xiao Tianyao had a black face like a bottom of the pot. Su Cha thought the root of this must be Lin Chujiu, so he tried to explore about it.

However, this time was different than before. He and Liu Bai felt that their Wangye was a little too much. He was afraid that their Wangfei was very unhappy. So, he specifically came and said some good words for their Wangye.

“It turned out to be your own idea.” Lin Chujiu looked at Su Cha with meaningful eyes, then said: “I’m really looking forward to Wangye to beat you. I wonder how though.”

“Wangfei, did I hear you wrong? Did I said something wrong?” Su Cha shrank back.

Why does he have a bad feeling about this?

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