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Is Xiao Tianyao really see her as his wife?

Why does she felt like Xiao Tianyao was training her as his subordinate?

Lin Chujiu’s guess was right, Xiao Tianyao has never been close to any women before. He only knows how to train his men. So, how will he know that he was training his wife?

However, this problem will never be solved by Xiao Wangye. Because he had been such a person in his entire life.

“No, benwang protected you.” Xiao Tianyao firmly said, but Lin Chujiu couldn’t believe it… …

“How did you protected me?” She didn’t know what he did.

When she escaped, did Xiao Tianyao came to save her?

“Benwang knows all you have experienced under the Wind Cliff Valley. Benwang put you to risk, for you to grow, not for you to die.” Xiao Tianyao gently caresses Lin Chujiu’s hair while he spoke: “Lin Chujiu, some things are not as simple as you see.”

“No wonder you sent people to pick me at the gate in time. It turns out that every move I made is under your supervision.” Lin Chujiu found that she was too greedy. She only hoped that Xiao Tianyao will save her in the last minute. But now, she learned that he didn’t let her die, but also did more.

“It’s not surveillance, it’s protection.” Well, it was originally for surveillance, because he doesn’t believe in Lin Xiang’s daughter, he doesn’t believe in the Crown Prince’s ex-fiancee, and he doesn’t believe in the woman that emperor has given him.

Lin Chujiu wiped her sore eyes and hold back her tears. Then, she sat up with her clothes and blocked Xiao Tianyao’s hand. She looked up to him and proudly said: “Wangye, since you know every move I made, then surely you know who saved me, right? I was with a strange man the whole night yesterday, hugging all the way up to the mountain and riding a horse together the next day. You know it all, right?”

Lin Chujiu admitted that she’s acting like a brat, but… …

Why does she only need to feel uncomfortable?

Just because she married him, just because they are inseparable, just because she accidentally liked him, does it mean she needs to step back and endure all the time?

“Mmm, benwang know.” Xiao Tianyao pondered for a moment, then said: “About Demon Lord, benwang will tell you when he gets the chance.” This identity of him cannot be revealed by now. The fewer people know, the better.

“Do you know him?” If that was the case, Lin Chujiu can understand why every time she was in danger, he always appeared.

Saving her outside the capital might be a coincidence, but now, she was sure it’s not.

“Mmm.” Well, that was not a lie, he certainly knew himself.

Lin Chujiu was stunned for a long time, then ask: ?”You mean to say… … sending Demon Lord is your means to protect me?” If that was the case, then she has no reason to complain.

But, why she was still feeling uncomfortable inside her heart? Was she really greedy?

“Mmm. It’s not convenient for benwang to go outside the capital.” It’s not that he wanted to lie, but this was also to protect her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Lin Chujiu’s glittering eyes showed the trace of awkward and sourness inside her heart… …

“Is it necessary?” Xiao Tianyao knitted his eyebrows, he felt like something was wrong.

“Of course it is necessary, at least you have to let me know, that you care about my life and death.” Lin Chujiu really wanted to cut off Xiao Tianyao’s head to see what he was actually thinking.

“Benwang said he cares.” Wasn’t that enough?

“I’m stupid.” Reaching this point, Lin Chujiu suddenly found herself couldn’t argue. Or more likely, she doesn’t know how to communicate with Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao was too domineering, he never consider her wishes, he makes decisions in everything. All she can do is to obey… …

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