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“Benwang thought that you don’t know pain.” As if it was a punishment, Xiao Tianyao moved up his hand, right on Lin Chujiu’s injured left waist with force… …

“Ah…” Lin Chuji cried out in pain, tears started formulating in her eyes. But, she didn’t beg for mercy, instead, she pushed Xiao Tianyao away: “Let go!”

Xiao Tianyao was caught off guard, so he was pushed away by Lin Chujiu a few steps back: “You dared to push benwang?”

“Why not?” Lin Chujiu have no other place to go. So, she only straightens up her back and took a few steps back, until she got hold of the bedpost.

Lin Chujiu looked up and stared at Xiao Tianyao’s face. Her face didn’t show any trace of fear and guarding. There were only tears and sarcasm in her eyes.

She always wanted to talk with a nerve to Xiao Tianyao, but she never had a chance. Today, she doesn’t care about anything anymore. She wanted to be happy.

Lin Chujiu pointed her finger to Xiao Tianyao and lifted up her chin. Her face looked very proud, as she said: “Wangye, did you think I will kowtow in the ground and beg you to let me go? Have you seen it? Without you, I can solve the Ci Entang. Without you, I saved my cousins. Without you, I can stay alive somewhere else. I, Lin Chujiu, can live well in this world without you. Go on… … Why don’t you ask me? What do I want to do? Am I not afraid of you?”

Lin Chujiu, who felt wronged, released all of her grievances. Xiao Tianyao told her she doesn’t know pain, yes, she could bear the pain. But, it doesn’t mean that, right after he came, he could pinch her wound. He was simply too much.

Lin Chujiu didn’t care, whether Xiao Tianyao’s face turns black. She had always been keeping her words inside herself.  But now, she let them all out: “Right after you enter the door, your blaming me? You’re pinching my wounds? Are you even a human?”

“Is being a martial god makes you so high? Makes you so great? So, as soon as you open your mouth, I should bow down my head to be worthy of you? Then, have you ever ask yourself, if you are worthy of me? You said that you admit me as your wife, that I am Xiao Wangfei regardless in honor or in disgrace. But, did you ever tried asking me if I admit you as my husband? Or did you ever ask me if I wanted you to be my husband? After you marry me, you were so against me, but then again, when did I say I wanted to marry you?” 

“You don’t want to marry me? Have you thought of your situation when you married me? Your military power was taken away. Your legs were paralyzed. How many girls did you think were avoiding to marry you? Also, can’t you see that you are too old for me? So, when I married you, I felt so wrong.”

Lin Chujiu said, as her tears keep falling down. In the end, she crouched on the floor and cried on her knees. Then added: “When I’m not yet married to you, I can do whatever I want. No one dared to provoke me. My reputation is bad, but I am living a happy life. After marrying you, aside from having a Wangfei identity, what other benefits did I get?”

“On the first day of our marriage, I encountered a lot of assassins. I didn’t died from their hands, but I almost died from your hands. For you, I offended my family, but how did you reward me?

“When I entered the palace, I was all alone. Once I get there, the empress gave me a cup of infertility drug. For Xiao Wangfu, I faced all the scholar students, I came forward and solved everything. In order for your legs to be treated, how many grievances did you think I suffered?”

“Xiao Tianyao, ask your self, when we got married, should I be sorry for you? What makes you think that I don’t deserve you? I think you are not worthy of me.”

Lin Chujiu said while crying. Every word she said was heavy. Xiao Tianyao originally wanted to come forward, but when he heard Lin Chujiu’s accusations, he hesitated… …

He… … seems to be very harsh on her!

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