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Xiao Wangye was not happy, the Crown Prince was doomed to be unlucky.

“Isn’t the Empress not very fond of Lin Wanting? Isn’t the Western Country’s prince asking to be married to the East Imperial Princess? Let the emperor think of it, let the empress choose Lin Wanting as the righteous woman.” Xiao Tianyao wanted to see, who the Crown Prince will choose if his sweetheart will marry someone else, is it the country or the beauty?

As soon as he heard those words, Su Cha sprayed out his tea: “Tianyao, is this alright?” Isn’t this too embarrassing? Even if the crown prince only gets into a small trouble, it can be part of their country’s history.
“Isn’t this a very good idea? Benwang is grabbing the crown prince’s sweetheart for his good. The Southern Princess wanted to marry an imperial prince of the East. If she married the Crown Prince, the Southern Country will be very happy. The other one is not a real prince, while the other is not a real princess. They are quite a good match.”

Xiao Tianyao threw out an understatement. Su Cha didn’t try to persuade him, he only said: “Although the current emperor of the South is only a barbarian, his power now is stable. The Southern Princess’s blood is not from a royal blood, but she can be regarded now as a princess.”

The same goes with the Crown Prince of the East. His blood was not high of quality, but he was now a crown prince. He and the Southern Princess is really a good match.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao rarely didn’t refute. However, just because he doesn’t refute, doesn’t mean he agreed. He just doesn’t want to waste his saliva: “Since you are not very busy, benwang will hand over these two things to you. Let Liu Bai send a message to the emperor’s palace officials. Benwang doesn’t want to wake up tomorrow, hearing any bad news.”

As soon as he left those words, Xiao Tianyao went outside his study room. No matter how Su Cha looks pitiful, he left him with those businesses.

“Wangye, this is not something easy to do ah!” Su Cha wanted to cry, but no tears came out from his eyes. He was not like Liu Bai. He doesn’t have the talent to talk about love in public. *

As soon as Xiao Tianyao came out, a guard reported to him: “Wangye, Wangfei said that she will come and visit you later.”

“Mmm.” Hearing this, Xiao Tianyao’s mood became a little bit better.

That woman, now that she re-entered the capital, she now knows how to come and see him?

Xiao Tianyao’s footsteps didn’t stop, he continued to walk towards the backyard. The backyard where Lin Chujiu lives.

Xiao Tianyao was fast. Lin Chujiu was still having her meal when he came. So, when Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao coming over, her face was full of shocked and her eyes widen in disbelief. She even spits out the food in her mouth….. 

“Wangfei…” Qiuxi quietly reminded Lin Chujiu to clean up her mouth. Lin Chujiu immediately picked the small cloth in the corner and wiped her mouth: “Wangye, how come you’re here?” Didn’t she said she will come to visit him? 

“Wangfei, didn’t return for two days and two nights, so shouldn’t benwang come?” As soon as he opened his mouth, he revealed the fact that he was angry. Chunxi and Qiuxi, didn’t dare to stay any longer. They rushed outside.

Lin Chujiu didn’t get scared. Instead, she smiled and said: “I thought Wangye will be very happy that I came back. But, it turned out that Wangye doesn’t welcome me. If I knew that from the start… … I will not work so hard to come back.” Seriously, when she was so willing to come back? However, how was he able to send his people to pick her up? When did Xiao Tianyao receive the news that she was at the capital’s gate?

“Why? Don’t you want to come back yet?” Xiao Tianyao stepped forward and grabbed Lin Chujiu’s waist, bringing her completely in his arms. His action was very rude and barbaric, so it was no surprise that … …

He touches Lin Chujiu’s wounds.

“Ahh…” Lin Chujiu didn’t cry out loud, but her painful facial expression revealed everything. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t let her go.

Lin Chujiu really couldn’t stand it, so she said: “Wangye, can you let me go?”
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