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When Lin Chujiu saw the woman went outside, she changed position and turned to her back. Then, she took out a surgical kit to the medical system. However, she didn’t rush to suture the child’s throat. She waited for him to get stabilized first.

The woman went outside to explain the situation, so the commotion outside temporarily subsided. Everyone once again became busy entering the capital. If they will not see anything, they will not bother other people’s business. And so, they just left, leaving the woman’s people behind. The woman’s people were still anxious outside. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu has no time to manage them.

Seeing that her patient’s condition improved, Lin Chujiu ready herself to suture the wound that she had made. However, the lighting inside the carriage was not good. Lin Chujiu had to call back the woman: “Furen, can you lit the lamp?”

“Okay.” The woman pinned all her hopes to Lin Chujiu. So naturally, she will follow what she says.

When the light was lit, the lighting in the surroundings got better. Lin Chujiu was about to start, but suddenly, the carriage moved. Lin Chujiu’s facial expression drastically changed: “Furen, tell the coachman to stop, we shouldn’t be moving now.”

“Okay… …” But, they were in the line, how can they not move away?

“Don’t you want your son’s life to be saved?” Lin Chujiu said with a scary face. The woman busily discussed things to the coachman and her servant, while apologizing to the people lining up behind their carriage.

Although the people behind were in a hurry, after hearing the woman’s explanation, they understood her. In the end, they all agreed to wait and stay.

There was no one in the carriage, so Lin Chujiu didn’t wait any longer and sutured the child’s wound. After suturing, she gave the patient a medicine for asthma. When the child’s condition improved, she felt relieved.

The woman apologized to all the people behind their carriage. When she got back inside the carriage, Lin Chujiu was already finished. Except for some stained blood to the brush container, nothing else looked suspicious.

“Furen, your son is alright now.” When Lin Chujiu saw the woman in the carriage, she took the initiative to speak.

“Zong Er, is he really okay?” The woman's eyes lit up, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.

“You can check him, you’ll see that he’s breathing just fine.” Lin Chujiu was sure that she was the most miserable doctor of all.

Most of the time, it was the patient who was looking and asking for a doctor, but it was the opposite to her.

“Yes, he is really alright.” After the woman checked, she held her son’s hand and cried.

Although she had chosen to believe to this young lady, she was actually very afraid inside her heart. She was scared that she might hurt her son.

“Furen even if your son is alright now. It’s still better to bring him to the hospital as soon as possible. You should go to the capital right away.” Lin Chujiu kindly said.

She only performed a first aid treatment, it still needs a follow-up treatment.

“Thank you, young lady. Thank you. We will enter the capital right away.” The woman thanked Lin Chujiu again and again, then said: “Young Lady, you will also go in the capital, right? Why don’t you come with us?”

The woman was trying to calculate. She was afraid that they might encounter a problem again, so she doesn’t want to leave Lin Chujiu behind.

“I’m afraid I can’t.” Lin Chujiu flatly refused. The woman’s face changed. However, when she was about to open her mouth again, she heard a loud noise outside. Their carriage seemed surrounded by people. Then, she heard someone shouting outside: “Wangfei, this subordinate came late. This subordinate is asking for Wangei’s forgiveness.”



The woman stupidly stared at Lin Chujiu. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. However, Lin Chujiu was even more shocked than her: What? Someone came to pick me up, then that means…

She has no reason now not to enter the capital, right?

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