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Demon Lord’s dress was very eye-catching, but the horse he was riding was very fast, so no one could actually see his appearance along the way.

But of course, even if people saw him, they wouldn’t dare to bother him.

When they were only 100 meters away from the capital’s gate, Demon Lord gave a signal to the horse to slow down and then he sent Lin Chujiu down the horse. Demon Lord didn’t even wait for Lin Chujiu to stand still, he turned around the horse and then leave, without even saying a single word.

Lin Chujiu knew that he was only being careful. After all, things will not be good for her, if Xiao Wangfu’s people will see her riding a horse with the infamous villain of the sects. 

At the capital’s gate, many people were already lining up. Everyone was holding their identity card while waiting for their turn. The Capital Gate soldiers were checking everyone very carefully. Those people who looked suspicious was being questioned again. 

Everyone in the East Country has their own identity card. Even if they leave their town and went to another town, they will still be under the government of the East. So, if they want to avoid trouble and save time, they need to present their identity card for inspection.

Ordinary people have a simple identity card, the government officials have a symbolic card. And she, as a Wangfei, who belongs to the imperial family has a jade card. However, Lin Chujiu doesn’t always carry this jade card of her. So, she has nothing now, she has no way to prove her identity.

“How will I enter the capital? Or should I enter?” Lin Chujiu, who was in a far distance looked at the group of people lining up. Then, she propped her hands and squatted in the side of the road.

Well, she admits that she doesn’t want to go back to the capital at all. Although she doesn’t hate Xiao Wangfu like she used to be, she hated Xiao Tianyao. There was no worthy of thoughts in this place. The only reason she has to stay was Meng Laofuren, but… …

If she missed this chance, can she fake her death?

“Otherwise, I must go. Although I am a woman and I don’t have an identity card, I don’t need such a thing in a small mountain village, right? Finding one wouldn’t be that difficult right?” Lin Chujiu knew so little about this world. She knew so little about the living situation of ordinary people. That’s why she couldn’t help but hesitate.

“No matter what, I must try. If I can’t enter the capital, then they shouldn’t blame me.” Lin Chujiu left Demon Lord’s robe on the side, she only wears her coarse clothes and went close to the capital gate’s inspection team.

The crowd slowly moved forward, Lin Chujiu was at the end. She was not in a hurry, so she just watched the scene in front with interest.

Most people lining up were men. Many of them were carrying fruits and vegetables. There were very few women carrying baskets. In their baskets, there were needle works and eggs. They must have come to earn some money.

On the other side of the capital gate’s inspection team, there were many different carriages lining up. Originally, people were not allowed to talk out loud about who’s carriages they belong to. However, right now, most of them belong to the merchants. Government official’s carriages don’t seem to line up in this area.

Lin Chujiu listened carefully to other people’s conversations. She carefully picked up some useful information among them. After all, she doesn’t have an identity card, she couldn’t prove herself. It might be completely impossible for her to enter the capital.

However, when Lin Chunjiu moved closer to listen, the medical system issued an alarm: A patient needs immediate treatment! 

“You… this crazy uncle!” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but cursed!

Who will be so crazy to fall in line when he is sick? Does he want to die? 

When Lin Chujiu heard the medical system’s alarm the second time, she was so irritated. Yesterday, she praised the medical system for being a big help to her, but now, she finds it so cheap!

A patient needs immediate treatment!

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