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Lin Chujiu knew that this man in front of her was like Xiao Tianyao. He doesn’t accept verbal thank you, so she didn’t waste her saliva to say her thanks.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Chujiu cleaned up herself and finished the wild fruit. The two people ready themselves to go down the mountain.

In order to save time and in order to avoid the wolves, Demon Lord didn’t let Lin Chujiu walk. He hugged her and jumped up from the treetops all the way down of the mountain.

Seeing Demon Lord not even panting a bit after going down the mountain. Lin Chujiu wanted to ask: Demon Lord since you have such skills, why didn’t you sent me down last night? Why did we stay on the mountain for a night?

Well, Lin Chujiu admits that she was scared to ask such questions.

“I was really lucky to meet you this time. If you didn’t show up, I don’t know how I am going to leave the Wolf Mountain.” Demon Lord doesn’t like verbal thanks, so Lin Chujiu didn’t say thank you directly. She just expressed sentences with the same meaning,

Demon Lord didn’t appreciate her words, he sarcastically replied: “This lord also think the same. Without this lord, you can only live in there.”

“How is that possible… …” Lin Chujiu faintly smiled and didn’t continue her words.

She never expects anyone to save her. His appearance was just an accident. Although she was happy about it, she was not that excited to see a life-saving grace.

She was happy to meet Demon Lord, but she will also be fine if he didn’t appear. She will find a way to go down the mountain by herself. She never pinned hope of her survival to other people.

“Where are you going? This lord will not only help you to go down but also will give you a ride.” There were a thousand meters away from the Wind Cliff Valley up to the capital’s gate. If Lin Chujiu will just walk, she might only encounter those people catching her, when the night came.

“Is it okay to go somewhere else?” Lin Chujiu’s eye lit up and couldn’t help but asked in a hurry.

Knowing what Lin Chujiu was thinking, Demon Lord couldn’t help but sneer: “Aside from the capital, where else do you want to go?” This woman was really courageous. She was actually thinking to leave the capital?

“None, I am going back to the capital.” Lin Chujiu’s desire immediately diminished.

Demon Lord was right, aside from the capital, where else can she go?

*whistle* Demon Lord took a deep breath and whistled out loud. From the corner of the Wolf Mountain, a maroon horse ran out and went to his side. However, Demon Lord pushed the horse to side.

Whether it was a person or a horse, he doesn’t like getting close to others.

The horse bowed down his head, Lin Chujiu seemed to have seen the grievances to the horse’s eyes.

Lin Chujiu looked at Demon Lord who was staring at his horse and asked: “Don’t you like him?”

“It is a very spiritual horse.” As soon as Demon Lord opened his mouth, the horse looked at him. It seemed to be confused.

“It is a wild horse from the Wolf Mountain. I’ve been raising him since he was born.” This horse was the only playmate he has during his childhood.

“No wonder… …” He was so close to you.

“Let’s go, I will send you back to the capital.” Demon Lord was not willing to talk about himself any further. After turning with the horse, he reached out his hand to Lin Chujiu… …

Of course, he can directly grab Lin Chujiu to the horse, but he likes it when she extends her hand towards him as if she was giving everything about herself to him.

When Demon Lord’s big hand hold Lin Chujiu’s small hand, he put some force. The horse also walked forward, so Lin Chujiu was pulled.

One person and one horse have a tacit understanding. Lin Chujiu just sat down on the maroon colored horse, as it ran all the way to the road, without needing to be controlled… …

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