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After half an hour, the pheasant was cooked, Demon Lord hesitated for a long time, but still woke up Lin Chujiu.

If she will not eat, she won’t be able to hold herself.

Demon Lord may be bad to people, but his technique in roasting food was really good. Even without any salt or other seasonings, Lin Chujiu smelled a very fragrant food.

A three to four pounds whole chicken meat was all finished by Lin Chujiu, which showed that she was really hungry.

After the rabbit meat in Demon Lord’s hands were cooked. He also asked Lin Chujiu if she wanted to eat it. However, Lin Chujiu shook her head: “I am full.” She actually wanted to drink some water, but she didn’t dare to say it out loud.

However, just because Lin Chujiu doesn’t say anything, Demon Lord doesn’t know. Demon Lord seemed very inconsiderate person, but every action he made shows that he was a very caring person. 

“Hold it.” After shoving the rabbit meat to Lin Chujiu, Demon Lord went inside the cave. After a while, he came out holding something like a reed.

“Break it in the middle, there is water inside to drink.” Demon Lord rudely handed the stuff in Lin Chujiu and took the roasted rabbit in her hand.

Lin Chujiu didn’t say thank you for this time, but there was an even more smile on her face. Demon Lord didn’t fine her smile so terrible.

Demon Lord never felt this good. He also find Lin Chujiu pleasing to the eye, it’s just, no one could see his expression across his ghostly mask.

In the palace, when the Emperor heard the leader of the spy’s report, he was so angry that he slammed his hand to the table: “You can’t even catch a woman? What is your use then?”

*Snapped* As the ink stone shattered on the floor, the leader of the spy stayed emotionless and just shrink his body, but in actuality, he was shivering in fear.

“This subordinate deserves to be punished, please punish this low one, Huangshang.” The leader of the spy knew that he cannot escape punishment. If he was defeated by Xiao Wangye, there’s nothing to discuss, but the person who defeated him this time was… …

A woman, a woman who doesn’t have any martial art skills, so no need to ask why the Emperor was very dissatisfied with him. Because he himself couldn’t accept this fact.

He admitted that it was because of his carelessness, but it can’t change the fact that Xiao Wangfei escaped from his hand.

“Of course, you have to be punished.” The emperor was angry.

The plan was good, but it failed at the last moment. Everything became useless.

Recently, things were not going smoothly. First, Divine Doctor Mo killed himself. Originally, his case has been brought to an end, but who knows what happened, after two days, people have been saying that he was guilty of sins again and he committed suicide. 

The front line battle result has also been getting worse. The Northern Army has been attacking them like lunatics. They want food so bad. Eminent Xu can barely support the army.

The war was still tight and ongoing, but the Southern Princess and Eastern Prince were coming to visit. With all these events, the Emperor felt like his head was getting big.

The Emperor had a headache just by thinking all of those things. As he massaged his temple, he saw the leader of the spy still kowtowing on the floor. The emperor couldn’t help but say in disgust: “Get out, go and punished yourself.”

When the leader of the spy heard this, he let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Huangshang for not killing this subordinate.” He will receive a punishment, a punishment that is not too light but also not too fatal.

The emperor didn’t speak, he only sat alone in the imperial hall. After a long period of time, a eunuch announced: “Huangshang, Imperial Doctor Qin is outside, he said he will check your highness pulse.”

“Let him in.” Due to his recent physical discomfort, Imperil Doctor Qin came to check his pulse.

After paying his respect, Imperial Doctor Qin crouched beside the emperor and checked his pulse. A few moments later, he said: “Huangshang, you’re recently having a heartburn, from too much thinking.”

“Zhen… …” The emperor just spoke, when suddenly, a loud noise came from outside the hall… …

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