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Demon Lord’s footsteps were very fast as if he was like a gush of wind. His bloody red robes keep fluttering behind him, rolling back and forth, fast and urgent… …

Not long after, Demon Lord arrived into a cold cave. After entering the cold cave, the first thing that entered his eyes were not the cold pool with white smoke, but the clothes that were on the ground.

“What about her?” Demon Lord picked up the clothes on the ground and held them tightly on his palm.

Lin Chujiu’s middle and outer clothes were all in the ground. Even after a night and a day had passed, the clothes were still very cold.

No one can see the expression across Demon Lord’s ghostly mask, but… …

His hands that instantly shattered the clothes into pieces, already shown his current mood!

*shatter* After the shattering sound, the shattered clothes were thrown on the ground by Demon Lord. Then, he pulled up his sword and jumped into the deep cold pool, but… …

No one was inside!

Lin Chujiu wasn’t there, nor any other people!

“Damn it!” Demon Lord couldn’t help but be anxious. This anxiousness was even more serious than when he saw Zhou Si’s arrow last time.

Lin Chujiu, you mustn’t let anything happen to you!

No matter what, be sure to survive!

After coming out from the cold pool, Demon Lord returned to the cave with fire brazier. In there, he struck one of the walls and found a secret door.

A total of 12 dark secret doors were destroyed, but he still hasn’t found Lin Chujiu, nor the other people.

The cave was like a ghost place, he can’t even find a single mot.

“Where the hell is everyone?” Demon Lord cursed. There was a feeling inside his heart that wanted to completely destroy the cave.

Fortunately, his insanity still remains intact. He only destroyed a few dozens wall to vent his anger. After that, he left the cave and ready himself to go back to the entrance.

Lin Chujiu stayed in the cave. The Meng Family and their people keep staring at the top of the Wind Cliff Valley. Since they didn’t saw anyone come up, then those villains must have gone to the bottom of the cliff.

When Demon Lord jumped down, he immediately saw a giant net hanging on the cliff. However, there was no one in there and it looks abnormally hanging on the cliff.

Demon Lord knitted his eyebrows, and he had a bad feeling about this… …

The giant net was cut off from half, but he doesn’t know what tools were used. The cuts were very fine, obviously, the person was used to using it.

After he found something strange, Demon Lord continued to go down the cliff in a hurry.

The bottom of the cliff was not a paradise place. There were no birds, flowers or trees. The bottom was a complete barren land. Only several dead bodies were lying in the mud.

Judging from the clothes of the dead bodies and their blood on the ground, it can be seen that they just died not long ago, maybe it’s around four hours ago.

In addition to the dead bodies, there were also a few pieces of broken fine iron, which he was sure came from the top.

Seeing this scene, Demon Lord boldly made a guess, and that was… …

Lin Chujiu escaped with her own ability and escape!

“Sure enough, only when you are forced to die, you will reveal your claws.” Demon Lord shook his head gently and said with a faint voice.

The giant net was cut off into two. If he didn’t guess it wrong, Lin Chujiu should have fallen to the other side of the big net, which was on the cliff opposite to him.

“Your courage is really big, are you not scared no one come to save you, and you just keep hanging yourself in there waiting to die?” Demon Lord shook his head, then he turned around and hurriedly face the opposite mountain of the Wind Cliff Valley… … 

Lin Chujiu is still there waiting for someone to save her!

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