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The guard’s strength of Meng Family was originally good, as proven by his vision. Even with only an afterimage, he identified that the bloody-red figure’s strength was from a martial god. And indeed the red figure is a martial god because it was no other than Demon Lord!

In the past, Demon Lord’s tyranny has reached the level of a god. It’s just, he hasn’t visited the Martial God Mountain to prove his strength. He only relied on his strength to scare away all the sects, making them not to dare to provoke him.

With Demon Lord’s skills, it will not be hard for him to look at below the cliff. It’s just that, the cliff was too vast. And if he also decides to go to the bottom, it will also not be difficult for him to do so.

Fortunately, there was now a large scale of guards surrounding a specific area, so he only needs to look down on its direction.

Demon Lord stepped his foot at the edge of the cliff and jumped down from there. And as if he was only walking on the ground, he calmly walked through the ladder.

The guards used three long ladders that approximately reach 500 meters long at the end. But, they still didn’t find any anomalies.

So, Demon Lord didn’t stop, he continued to go down… …

On the other side of the cliff, Lin Chujiu was still struggling to climb, like a snail. As time goes by, every step she took was getting slower. If people will see her, they will be shocked and think that she will fall, but she actually not. 

Although her actions were slow, in every step she took, she climbed up steadily. After climbing for three hours, Lin Chujiu was getting closer and closer to the top of the cliff. If no accident will happen, she will arrive at the top by tomorrow.

Lin Chujiu throw upward the tiger claws and stuck it in the cracks of the cliff, then she pulled it hard. After confirming that it was stuck properly, Lin Chujiu position herself and grabbed the rocks on the wall, then climbed up again.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to climb up with the only help of the tiger claws. The tiger claws in her hands was a smaller version, it doesn’t have the same effect of the standard version. So, it won’t be able to bear her body’s weight.

However, even if her tiger claw can withstand her weight, she doesn’t dare to use it alone. This tiger claws was made of fine iron, which can only be found in the military. She cannot guarantee to produce another one if she might need it in the future. 

Additionally, this tiger claw is what Lin Chujiu using as her last safety measure. Before she succeeds from climbing the top, she cannot bear to use it heavily.

However, it's very hard to climb up the cliff with bare hands. Lin Chujiu's hands were already bleeding, so she wrapped around a bandage in her hands. Every time she will touch something, it will very painful for her. But right now, it seemed she get numb from the pain.

If there were no bumps on the cliff, she will take out scalpels again and use it to stick in the cracks. With that, it will not only help her climb up, but also will serve as a stepping stone.

Lin Chujiu was very fortunate to have the medical system. If she didn’t have the medical system, who knows how she will help herself in a critical moment. If there is no medical system, where will she get so many knives?

With that equipment, although Lin Chujiu was still having a hard time, at least she narrowed the danger.

With a clear vision, Demon Lord quickly found the entrance to the cave. And without any hesitation, he stepped into the cave and saw a big stone that seemed to be serving as a cover to the entrance. Demon Lord sneered, then he stretched out his hand and directly destroyed the big stone into pieces.

A 10-meter fire brazier appeared in front of Demon Lord. The light of the fire shone on his ghostly face. Making his bloody ghost face look even more terrifying.

“Sure enough, it’s here.” Demon Lord looked around and then run towards the deep and narrow dark passage.

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