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“Feicui, let’s go up and look for Wangfei, waiting here will not help.” Zhenzhu had thought about this idea since last night, but her three companions have been denying her idea: “Wangfei said to wait for her in here,  we can’t… …” They can’t go against Lin Chujiu’s order. They can’t make decisions without orders, even if it was for her good.

“Well, we’ll wait here.” Zhenzhu looked sad.

When the two Meng brothers heard their words, they only took a glanced and left. They didn’t say another word… …

Seriously, is what they were seeing is real?

Or they were just deliberately speaking in front of them to show their loyalty so that they will speak some more?

What was loyalty anyway? As long as the other party was Xiao Wangfu’s people, they will not trust them wholeheartedly.

The four maidservants looked at the departing figure of the two Meng brothers, then sighed: “It looks like it’s not enough.”

“The Meng Family is very dissatisfied with Wangye, we’re only got implicated.”

“Haist… If something happened to Wangfei, I really don’t know what to do.”

“Wangye, when will you come to save Wangfei?”

The more they speak, the more the four maidservants get depressed… …

However, the next moment, a red figure suddenly appeared in their line of sight. The four maidservants couldn’t help but yell: “Who is it?!”

But the red figure didn’t give them an answer, he just past by them like a gush of wind. He disappeared quickly, leaving only an after image.

“Someone, someone went up to the mountain.” The four maidservants quickly rushed to the mountain. They ran fast, but they couldn’t see the red figure anymore.

“Come on, let’s go up and see.” They refused to follow Lin Chujiu’s order at this time. That red figure must be the one who took away their Wangfei.

With such a thought in mind, the four maidservants eagerly ran up to the cliff with their fastest speed.

On the top of the cliff, although the guards of the Meng Family failed to find Lin Chujiu, they still waited for her. But suddenly, a bloody-red figure appeared. The guards immediately reacted: “Someone, hurry, take him down.”

Their idea was beautiful, but the reality was very harsh. They haven’t seen the face of the red figure, but they were already attacked and flew away.

The red figure’s martial arts strength was very strong and powerful. Even if he was surrounded by guards, even if he was attacked endlessly, the guards only fly away. And the red figure just continued running passed towards the ladder.

The guards immediately reacted, but no matter what, they could only see an afterimage and nothing more.

“Is he the one who took Chujiu?” Meng Er Laoye asked as his lips trembled.

At that moment, although the other party didn’t take a shot on him, he felt a murderous intent.

The martial arts of the other party was far beyond their imagination. If someone like him took away Lin Chujiu, then no need to mention about saving people. They will be wiped out.

“No, I don’t think so. Yesterday, there were a few black people, but those black people’s martial arts were also very high.” However, today, such a person showed up, which was really terrible.

“Martial God, he must be a martial god. If the other party has a martial god, we’re not their opponents at all.” The guards of the Meng Family immediately became timid. They got scared because, in front of a martial god, they were only like ants. Generally, unless they were thousand in number, they will only be killed.

“How can this be?” When Meng Er Laoye heard those words, his face became very ugly: “If they have martial god on their side, I’m afraid that, only Xiao Wangye can fight with them, but… …”

Xiao Wangye obviously doesn’t have any care about Lin Chujiu’s life, so what should they do?

Meng Er Laoye’s whole person withered on the ground… …

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