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It was intentional?

Of course, Xiao Tianyao deliberately gave Lin Chujiu a lesson. He deliberately let her suffer a bit. He let her see that this matter was a part of this world that she needs to carry.

In short, Xiao Tianyao wants Lin Chujiu to learn a lesson to this event. But, as for who really learned a lesson in the in end, it was unknown, anyway… …

“I will not sympathize with Wangye this time.” Su Cha thinks that Xiao Tianyao deserved it, he’s not worthy of sympathy.

Liu Bai nodded his head: “Wangye really overdo it this time. I am very sympathetic to Wangfei. In fact, we all know that Wangfei and the Meng Family got only involved because of Wangye. Wangye doesn’t need to push Wangfei to take a risk, she is not a man.”

Su Cha only smiled and didn’t say anything, he quietly waited for the servants to deliver the foods.

After a short while, the aroma of the food came up, but Su Cha didn’t rush to eat. Instead, he asked: “Ask your men, if Wangye left?”

“No need to ask, I’m sure he’s gone. You and I can’t find any news. It’s strange if Wangye is not worried.” Liu Bai didn’t speak anymore and just buried himself from eating.

Su Cha softly sighed: “Yeah, there is no news all day and night, how can he not get worried?” He was also worried, but… …

Some things must not be done by him, and he won’t be able to do it.

Xiao Tianyao was really worried about Lin Chujiu’s safety. After Su Cha and Liu Bai left. He immediately went outside. As for where he goes?

Xiao Tianyao didn’t tell anyone… … 

From the top of the cliff, the Meng Family’s guards had been tossing around the whole day. They had brought ladders from below, but it was still not enough. At least, not enough for them to discover any anomalies from the cliff.

After trying for several times, their actions were still fruitless. The three Meng brothers became more and more uneasy. Meng San Laoye couldn’t help but say: “Eldest brother, Chujiu might not be at the bottom of the cliff. The other party might have taken her to another place. What do you think?”

“It’s not impossible, but… …” Meng Shi sighed and added: “But apart from the cliff, we don’t have other clues to look at.”

“Eldest brother, why don’t we go and see brother-in-law? No matter what, Chujiu is brother-in-law’s daughter. He might be able to find a way.” Meng San Laoye felt like what they are doing was only a waste of time.

When he heard those words, Meng Er Laoye also opened his mouth: “Elder brother, I think what third brother has said is right. Instead of doing useless stuff here, we better go look for people that could help, we might have missed the best time to save Chujiu, we cannot waste any more time.”

Meng Shi was not a determined person. When he heard his two brother’s words, he was quickly shaken. He left Meng Er Laoye and most of the Meng Family’s guards on top of the cliff. Then, he and Meng San Laoye went back to the capital to find Lin Xiang.

Below the Wind Cliff Valley, the coachman and the four maidservants were still waiting. So, when they saw people coming down, they immediately greeted them: “Meng Laoye, is there any news about our Wangfei?”

Meng Shi was very dissatisfied with Xiao Wangye. He was also dissatisfied with Xiao Wangfu’s people. However, with the loyalty of the four maidservants, he couldn’t help but give a reply: “No.”

“How can there be no news?” Feicui’s eyes redden and her tears started falling: “A night and a whole day had passed, where is Wangfei?” Why Wangye hasn’t come?

Feicui didn’t dare to say out loud her last sentence, she could only speak about it inside her heart.

“Wangfei must be fine.” Manao, Zhenzhu and Shanhu’s eyes also redden as they spoke.

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