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Tomorrow is the date that the other party and the Meng Family agreed to ask Lin Chujiu to go to the Wind Cliff Valley. Xiao Tianyao thought that Lin Chujiu would come to him at night. Even if he will not help her, she should at least say something to him.

However, he already waited for about half an hour in the study room, but he didn’t see Lin Chujiu coming.

“Wangfei?” Xiao Tianyao knocked the table, as his eyes flashed with a trace of dissatisfaction.

The shadow guard appeared silently and knelt with one knee: “Answering back to master, Wangfei is in her yard.” As for what she’s doing, they don’t know, they were not women. There were inconvenient places to go.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao got up and passed by the shadow guard, then went straight outside.

Lin Chujiu was very cold to them earlier, so Feicui and Zhenzhu, who were talking around Lin Chujiu were very careful, in fear of Lin Chujiu became even more dissatisfied with them.

Lin Chujiu hopes that these four maidservants can do more things for her than talk softly or with a good speech. So, Lin Chujiu didn’t explain her attitude early this morning. After she talked for a while with the four, she sent them out. 

After touching her dry hair, Lin Chujiu was very satisfied. Compared with Chunxi and Qiuxi, the four of them understood her preferences.

Even if she and Xiao Tianyao sleep together, she never thought about changing her habits for him. Lin Chujiu took her medical book and sat in the bed for a while. She read the book until she felt sleepy. Then, Lin Chujiu yawned and went to sleep. She didn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao to come. 

On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao came after half an hour like usual. But the result was, a cold and dark room welcome him.

His afraid that he was miserable like those abandoned children. When he went to their room, he didn’t even see his wife welcoming him with a smile.

His little wife was really not a general’s pride.

In the darkness, Xiao Tianyao shook his head and took off his coat, then he lay down beside Lin Chujiu. However, when he hugged Lin Chujiu’s waist, he found out her body was stiff. He learned immediately that she wasn’t sleeping, so he couldn’t helped but say: “Tomorrow in the Wind Cliff Valley, a look out… …”

Xiao Tianyao hasn’t finished his words, but Lin Chujiu interrupted him: “I can go by myself.” She was also proud. Since Xiao Tianyao wants her to be responsible for her own affairs, she will not lower her head to him.

She accepts Xiao Tianyao’s help, but she will not ask for his help. Lin Chujiu understood very well, that a person must stand alone at times although it’s very difficult to climb up again!

Don’t bow your head, or else your crown will fall; don’t cry, or else the enemy will laugh. Lin Chujiu was determined to climb up and climb down from the Wind Cliff Valley.

“Mmm…” Xiao Tianyao gently responded, but Lin Chujiu didn’t understand what he meant. However, she didn’t pay too much attention to it. Lin Chujiu speak so easily, but her heart was actually nervous.

Tomorrow will definitely a dangerous place for her, but she doesn’t plan to die at all.

When the morning sky was still dim, Xiao Tianyao left like usual. And when Lin Chujiu got up, she didn’t see Xiao Tianyao, but she was not surprised at all.

However, for her, today is very unusual, but for Xiao Tianyao, this is just an ordinary day. Nothing was unusual.

Lin Chujiu was just having a breakfast, when Housekeeper Cao came and gave her a letter: “Wangfei, Meng Family sent a letter, Meng Daren asked Wangfei to come and see him personally, when you are free.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t read the letter, she only said: “Wait until I come back.” Lin Chujiu knew what Meng Family wants, but she needs to come back first or it will be useless. 

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