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“I sent more than two shadow guards to watch over her, so you can rest assured that Wangfei will not get into an accident. But, I’m not sure about things regarding in the Wind Cliff Valley tomorrow.”

Everyone knows that if Lin Chujiu goes to the Wind Cliff Valley tomorrow, it will be very dangerous.

“Tomorrow’s business, you don’t need to do anything.” Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger on the table, which indicates that it was a win-win solution.

When Liu Bai noticed that they no longer discussing the matter, he brought up things about the front line battle.

Their armies were now hiding in the forest, they have enough food supplies and they didn’t lose any of their 200,000 troops. Only the wounded troops were left in the barracks under Doctor Wu’s treatment. The number of their soldier’s death also decreased.

“The traumatic treatment method that Wangfei taught to Doctor Wu double the healing rate of our soldiers. Once you go to the battlefield, even the injured ones can also join in.” In this matter, Liu Bai cannot help but praise Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu's treatment method helped them a lot.

Xiao Tianyao nodded and said that he knew, then asked: “How long can Eminent Xu hold on?” If Eminent Xu could no longer hold it. The emperor will be left with two choices. He will either send another military commander, or he will let him join the battlefield.

According to the current situation of the battle in the front line, Xiao Tianyao believes that the possibility of sending him is high. Because the Princess of the South and the Prince of West were coming. The East Country cannot afford to lose face.

“There are still plenty of grains and soldiers, there will be no problem in a month or two.” Once the autumn season came, the Northern Country will definitely launch a big attack to grab their resources.

If the emperor doesn’t want the Northern Country to have sufficient food and became more and more powerful. It will be necessary to defeat them before the autumn season came. If they suppressed them, they will no longer dare to have an idea of collecting their supplies.

“It’s best to solve the matter regarding in the capital in a month.” Xiao Tianyao knew that he will go in the battlefield in two months. When that time comes, the only person will be left in the capital will be Lin Chujiu. If she can’t hold it, then……

There will be no future.

“The matter regarding Ci Entang can’t be done, but the rest can be clean off clearly.” Su Cha frowned and said.

Xiao Tianyao has a lot of enemies. However, aside from the emperor, the rest can be easily cleaned up. Unless Xiao Tianyao is killed in the battlefield, those people will not dare to do anything.

“Ci Entang's affairs can be put aside for the time being. If the other party didn’t make any move, it means that he will not take a shot on Lin Chujiu.” So, he was more concern now about: “How about the South and the West?”

Calculating the time, the Southern Princess and the Western Prince will arrive in the capital after a couple of days. But, who knows what they are planning.

“The Southern Princess will arrive in ten days. But, the Southern Prince has already looked for Wangfei. After all, when Wangfei rescued the two, it was in front of so many people.” Su Cha has tried to erase traces of that event, but there were too many people. It will eventually leave some traces. It was impossible for Su Cha to seal everyone’s mouth. 

“There are still a lot of old factions in the Southern Country who are in hiding. Send out a news to them.” Xiao Tianyao was not planning to help the old ministers of the South in protecting their little prince for a lifetime.

If the Southern Country had a civil strife, it will be good.

“Well, I will inform the old factions as soon as possible to pick the children.” Su Cha also felt relieved to solve a major problem.

The former Prince of Southern Country was a good chess piece, but it was also troublesome. If they die under their protection, the old forces of the South will surely vent their anger at them.

Although they were not afraid, it will be troublesome to be stared by a group of flies… …

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