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What Lin Chujiu had said in front of the Meng Family, were not merely a talk. She was serious about asking Divine Doctor Mo to treat the old lady, it’s just… …

Lin Chujiu was not ready yet!

If she really wants the old lady to be cured, she should prepare a threat that was more effective than making a request. However, who knows why, Lin Chujiu haven’t visited the prison yet, but she received a news that Divine Doctor Mo died.

“Why did he suddenly commit suicide?” When the news came, Lin Chujiu was really shocked.

After one night, Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide?

The main point was, why he committed suicide when she was ready to ask him to cure the old lady?

Divine Doctor Mo and she were simply enemies!

Lin Chujiu was extremely angry and immediately summoned Xiao Tianyao’s shadow guard: “Why? Why did Divine Doctor Mo commit suicide?”

“Answering back to master, someone from the palace secretly had a meeting with Divine Doctor Mo yesterday, what they had talked about was unknown. But after that, Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide.” The information the shadow guard reported also came from Xiao Tianyao, but it was not complete. If Lin Chujiu wants to know the complete details, she must go and see Xiao Tianyao.

“Are you sure that the dead body was really Divine Doctor Mo? Did he really commit suicide or someone killed him?” Lin Chujiu and Divine Doctor Mo had dealt with each other a couple of times. She couldn’t imagine how someone like Divine Doctor Mo will commit suicide.

“A forensic doctor has examined the corpse, the forensic doctor confirmed Divine Doctor Mo died of suicide. It was also reported that before he died, he wrote a repentance letter. But, the contents are kept secret for a while. This subordinate boldly guessed that Divine Doctor Mo committed suited because of the lawsuit that was filed against him.” These were really the shadow guard’s speculations. Originally, he doesn’t want to say anything. But obviously, it will make his master unhappy. So, he can only say something he can as much as possible. 

“Repentance letter? Isn’t too much of a coincidence? It seemed something really happened to Divine Doctor Mo.” Lin Chujiu suddenly stood up from the chair, but she didn’t rush outside. Instead, she looked down and said: “It must be something more terrible than buying children from the Ci Entang. Could it be… … they found evidence about Divine Doctor Mo using humans as a test subject?”

Lin Chujiu's eyes lit up and walked outside quickly. When she left the room, she encountered her four maidservants. Feicui and the other three came to report to Lin Chujiu. But, they haven’t opened their mouth, when Lin Chujiu said: “Just do things you usually do, I’m very busy right now.” 

Feicui and the other three were very happy to serve Lin Chujiu once again. But, it was very obvious that Lin Chujiu ignored them and seemed aloof.

“Does Wangfei no longer believe in us?” Feicui and the others looked at each other, they didn’t dare to move.

When Lin Chujiu rushed outside, the shadow guard thought she was going to find Xiao Tianyao. But as a result, Lin Chujiu ask people to arrange her a carriage to go outside Xiao Wangfu.

“Wangfei went outside.” Su Cha sullenly looked at Xiao Tianyao, but his heart was feeling something called comfortable.

Other people can’t see it, but he can see that Xiao Tianyao has been waiting for Lin Chujiu to go to his door when he doesn’t like waiting for someone.

Su Cha thinks that a man like Xiao Tianyao who was so boring, meeting a smart and cautious woman Lin Chujiu, will one day suffocate himself to death.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha and said: “Send someone to follow her, don’t let dogs jumped over the wall.”

The kidnappers of the Meng Family’s children have not been identified yet, so Xiao Tianyao was worried about Lin Chujiu to go outside alone.

Lin Chujiu unknowingly crossing too many dangers, although most of them were because of him.

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