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Lin Wanting took a deep breath and apologized: “Auntie, it’s just I’m not good enough, please don’t blame Divine Doctor Mo, just blame me.”

“What is the relationship of this matter with you? Divine Doctor Mo is an eccentric doctor. We will think of a further plan for this matter.” Although Meng Shi and Meng Er Laoye were disappointed, they didn’t blame Lin Wanting in the end. It’s just, in their eyes, Lin Wanting qualities became low.

“Wanting, let’s go now, aunt will help you to change clothes.” Meng Da Furen couldn’t stand Lin Wanting’s smell. She wanted to take her away as soon as possible, but… …

Lin Wanting refused to leave right away: “Auntie, I still have something to say to my sister.”

“There is something…” Lin Wanting haven’t said the words she wanted to say, but Lin Chujiu interrupted her: “Wanting, what do you want to say?”

Lin Chujiu asked, but she didn’t wait for Lin Wanting to answer, she added immediately: “Could it be you wanted to say that Divine Doctor Mo embarrassed you because of me? Or Divine Doctor Mo made things difficult for you and refused to see grandmother because of me? If that is the case, you don’t need to say it. Because I already told you earlier that Xiao Wangfu and Divine Doctor Mo are in a big fight. After all, if not, I will go there myself and talk with him. I will not bother to send you.”

“… …” Lin Wanting looked at Lin Chujiu with wide eyes opened. She couldn’t believe that Lin Chujiu was so shameless. She made her sound responsible so that it wouldn’t be possible for her to complain.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and looked at Lin Wanting with disgust: “Wanting, I also said it before, don’t throw away the Lin Family’s face, but look at you? You don’t even have half of the appearance of a ladylike. There are a lot of ways to ask Divine Doctor Mo to cure grandmother, you don’t need to cry and beg. You also don’t need to do it in person. You only made yourself lose your identity.”

“You didn’t say that before.” Lin Wanting was so angry when she heard she doesn’t need to go in person. So, why did Lin Chujiu even sent her directly there?

“With a will, you can achieve anything. We personally asked Divine Doctor Mo to cure grandmother to show our sincerity, but he didn’t appreciate it. Then, I have no choice but to use another method.” Lin Chujiu admitted that she was playing around with Lin Wanting, but what about it?

“What another method?” Lin Wanting’s eyes flashed, she can’t hide her calculations.

Lin Chujiu didn’t see it. She said with an understatement: “If asking is useless, then you have to give an order. Divine Doctor Mo don’t listen to other people’s words, but can he dare not listen to the emperor or the crown prince? Wanting, if you ask the crown prince, will he not help you with this?”

Originally, the Meng Family was disappointed, but when they heard Lin Chujiu’s words. Their eyes widen and looked at Lin Wanting. They waited for her answer.

If it was like in the past, Lin Wanting will be full of herself, but she just ate a big lost under Lin Chujiu’s hand. Lin Wanting couldn’t help but hesitate this time, so the Meng Family’s heart became cold.

When Lin Wanting was about to respond, Lin Chujiu once again interrupted her: “Wanting, if it’s inconvenient, then just forget it. I will go and talk with Divine Doctor Mo instead.” In short, no matter what, they have to try anything just for the old lady to be cured. 

“Chujiu, you have a heart.” After the three Meng brothers heard her words, they all felt move: “I will leave this matter to you.”

The three Meng brothers wanted to come forward on their own, but with their identity, Divine Doctor Mo will surely not give them a face… …

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