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This time, Xiao Tianyao came back just in time. Lin Chujiu just came out from the bath and her hair was still wet. Xiao Tianyao raises his hand, for Chunxi and Qiuxi to retreat. Then, he took over their unfinished job and dried Lin Chujiu’s hair. 

Lin Chujiu was not flattered, but she felt relieved deep inside her heart. And as soon as her hair was dried, she said: “Zhenzhu and the other’s injuries right now seems to be cured.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao vaguely responded. He never paid attention to this kind of thing.

Lin Chujiu didn’t understand what Xiao Tianyao meant, then she suddenly remembered the shadow guards, so she asked: “Can you give those four again to me?”

“Are you not satisfied with those two?” Xiao Tianyao leaned on the bed and asked casually.

Lin Chujiu understood that Xiao Tianyao didn’t understand her meaning. So, she directly said: “I’m saying, give them to me, just like how you gave that shadow guard to me.”

“Do you dare to use the people that benwang had sent you?” Lin Chujiu was always cautious, doesn’t she think he deliberately arranges those people to her side?

“I believe in you.” Of course, she doesn’t worry about them. After all, are there any more useful people than what Xiao Tianyao had chosen?

“All right, benwang will let them come over tomorrow.” Xiao Tianyao generously made a promise. After all, it was only about four maidservant. However, he also didn’t forget to get a benefit for himself: “Benwang hasn’t bathed, who will serve benwang to bathe?”

Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t understand Xiao Tianyao’s meaning, she calmly replied: “Chunxi, Qiuxi come in.” Is being served while bathing that good?

“No.” Xiao Tianyao coldly refused and got up, then he walked towards the bathroom. When he passed by Lin Chujiu, he glanced at her and said: “Stupid woman.”

“Haha… …” Lin Chujiu giggled, she turned her head sideways and bowed down, trying not to make a sound… …

When Xiao Tianyao finished, Lin Chujiu had already gone to bed. But, the most irritating part was, she was already asleep.

Well, it can be seen today that she was physically and mentally exhausted.

The lights in the room were still on. Xiao Tianyao stood in front of the bed and stared at Lin Chujiu's figure for a long time. He only took back his gaze when his eyes felt slightly sore. Then, he turned around to blow out the lights. It’s just, he saw some small pieces of paper on the side of the bed.

Xiao Tianyao picked up the paper and saw two characters written above. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but frown: “… … Central Empire?” Coincidentally, Xiao Tianyao was very familiar with those characters, so he could guess what does it mean.

Xiao Tianyao carefully looked at the shredded paper on his hand. The handwriting was beautiful. At first glance, it can be seen that it was written by a woman. The paper was old and yellow in color. Obviously, it was something written many years ago. This thing was definitely not a thing from Xiao Wangfu, nor in the Lin Family.

This should be something that Lin Chujiu got from Meng Family. When something happened, the Meng Family hurriedly called Lin Chujiu. Perhaps, it was not for Lin Chujiu to help them save her cousins.

Is Lin Chujiu has something to do with the Central Empire?

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed with a trace of suspicion. Then, he looked at Lin Chujiu, who was curling up like a ball in the corner. His eyes didn’t move away, he doesn’t seem to know what to think… …

Soon, Xiao Tianyao returned to normal, and with a flick of his finger, the paper in his hand flew toward the candlestick on the table. With a *P* sound, the candlelight was extinguished.

Xiao Tianyao went to bed and hugged Lin Chuji from behind. He sighed and said: “Lin Chujiu, don’t give benwang a reason to leave you.”

The person on the bed didn’t move and didn’t hear him at all.

The next day, everything was like usual. When Lin Chujiu woke up, she didn’t see Xiao Tianyao’s figure. The two seemed to be sleeping separately, and Lin Chujiu didn’t feel anything wrong.

Xiao Tianyao, even if he likes her, even if he cares, she shouldn’t expect him to move in her palm and act like a normal man… …

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