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When Lin Chujiu returned to her room, she didn’t rush to groom herself. Instead, she sent away Chunxi and Qiuxi, saying that she wanted to be alone.

Chunxi and Qiuxi didn’t dare to act arrogant. Their attitude towards her was more respectful than before. Even their tone was more humble than ever, which Lin Chujiu didn’t expect.

The news spread quickly between Xiao Wangfu’s people. They learn the fight between Lin Chujiu and the guardsmen. So although Chunxi and Qiuxi didn’t know the complete details, they were smart enough to understand that it was not good to provoke Lin Chujiu right now. 

There was no one else inside the room, but Lin Chujiu was still not at ease. She knew every corner of the house has shadow guards that were supposed to “protect” her. In order to prevent any issue, Lin Chujiu took off her outer clothe and went straight to bed.

The shadow guards that will “protect” her, doesn’t dare to snoop around her room when she bathes or sleeps.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Lin Chujiu took out the letter and the token. Lin Chujiu put the token on her side, then she tears open the letter… …

The letter was yellow in color, it was put a long time ago. It was now very fragile and easily get broken. The writing inside was also somewhat blurred, which very hard to read.

The content was not long, it only has a few hundred words. There were no many things mentioned. It only says that if Meng Laofuren died, she mustn’t stay in the East Country. And if she was in danger, she must ask the empress to arrange people to send her to the Central Empire. 

With the token in her hand, she will be able to enter the Central Empire without a problem. And the Lin Family of the Central Empire will look after her. If things go well, she doesn’t need to go to the Central Empire and just live happily in the East. 

At the end of the letter, it was stated there that she mustn’t believe Lin Xiang’s words too much. She must act according to her own judgment. And aside from Meng Laofuren’s words, she mustn’t believe in anything else.

After reading the letter, Lin Chujiu found herself more confused. Because her mother didn’t seem to leave her a much useful information. She only left her words that were not useful to her at all.

“Don’t believe Lin Xiang’s words too much?” Lin Chujiu carefully pondered about this sentence and then about Lin Xiang’s attitude towards her. Lin Chujiu think of a possible situation… …

Was she not Lin Xiang’s daughter?

“I don’t have a dog’s blood, right?” Lin Chujiu’s hand tighten, the letter in her hand was torn into pieces. Lin Chujiu hurriedly let go of the letter, but the shredder letter scattered on the bed. It was no longer recognizable, nothing can be spelled out.

“This is good, I also don’t want to.” Lin Chujiu, who was facing a pile of scrapped paper looked weak. She silently recalled what was written on the letter and think if she missed anything. but… …

With pure classic Chinese letters, even if she looks at it again and again, she will only barely understand its meaning. It was almost impossible for her to write it down again.

“Forget it, if I get a chance to go to the Central Empire, I’ll figure it out. It’s best to leave it in the future. If I failed to figure it out, it doesn’t matter. I’m used to being alone.” Lin Chujiu bend her waist and collected the scattered paper. Then, she threw them into the copper basin on the side. She added some water to it. Lin Chujiu saw that the shredded paper in the copper basin was completely hopeless to restored.

After tidying up her things, in order to make sure nothing will go wrong, Lin Chujiu once again check her room. Then, she called Chunxi and Qiuxi. The two maidservants help her to bathe and change clothes.

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