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“Thank you.” Lin Chujiu thanked Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao really had a heart.

“Benwang has said many times, he will not accept verbal thank you.” When Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu smiling, he joked around.

He knows why Lin Chujiu was happy.

“That’s not good.” Lin Chujiu looked up and found herself in between Xiao Tianyao and his table. She immediately noticed the danger right after that. Xiao Tianyao was caught off guard. In a short moment, Lin Chujiu had slipped away from his side. Lin Chujiu lifted the paper and said: “I have to send this good news to the Meng Family so that my grandmother will be happy.”

After that, she disappeared like a smoke… …

Xiao Tianyao turned around and leaned on the table while shaking his head with a smile. He knew that Lin Chujiu was sad because of Meng Laofuren’s illness. He will not do anything this time. Lin Chujiu was only thinking too much.

The good news Lin Chujiu was saying is that Xiao Tianyao had found out that the hands of her three cousins that were sent to the Meng Family don’t belong to them.

This news is absolutely good news for the Meng Family. After all, when Meng Laofuren saw three bloody hands of her grandchildren and hearing that the other party want Lin Chujiu in exchange. She had a heart attack and fainted.

Lin Chujiu, who had just left the study room, realized that she needed someone to send this message to the Meng Family. Xiao Tianyao said that he has her in his heart, but that doesn’t mean she can just summon anyone in Xiao Wangfu.

What should I do?

Should I go back and ask Xiao Tianyao?

Lin Chujiu hesitated, she thinks for a moment whether she should go back or not. However, a shadow guard, who was thrown out by Xiao Tianyao, silently came out from the dark and kneel in front of her: “Wangfei, this subordinates came to see Wangfei.”

When someone suddenly pop out in front of her, Lin Chujiu was shocked. She was only able to react when the other party introduced himself: “You are the one that secretly protects me?” In fact, Lin Chujiu wants to say monitoring.

“This subordinate was ordered to protect and serve Wangfei.” The shadow guard once again introduced his identity.

Lin Chujiu nodded her heard: “Oh… … does that mean, I can ask you to work for me?”

“Yes,” The shadow guard replied.

Lin Chujiu asked another question: “So, your master is me, or Wangye?

“Before this, this subordinate’s master is Wangye. Right now, this subordinate’s master is only Wangfei.” Just now, he was given by their Wangye to their Wangfei. As a good brother and also as someone who sympathizes, he simply confessed.

“So you mean, in the future, you will only listen to my command even if I ask you to kill Wangye, right?” Lin Chujiu was wondering why Xiao Tianyao gave him such a bodyguard. If she can really use him, it will become very inconvenient.

“Yes.” The shadow guard answered without any hesitation. The loyalty of the shadow guards was not questionable.

“Very good… …” Lin Chujiu liked Xiao Tianyao’s arrangement. “Do I only have one shadow guard around me? If I ask you to do me something, who will protect me?”

“Wangfei has other four shadow guards around her. They will be responsible for Wangfei’s safety.” Although he was a shadow guard, he was only a half bake.

Sure enough, there were people who are watching her… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t expect that Xiao Tianyao will treat her so good now.

“In that case, help me send this news to the Meng Family.” Lin Chujiu find someone now who could send the news.

“Yes.” The shadow guard took the paper and left immediately.

Lin Chujiu watched the shadow guard leave and looked back at the direction of the study room, then she quickly left.

She will take advantage of this time that Xiao Tianyao was still not in her room to read her mother’s letter… …

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