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However, this was not the time to say those words. Lin Chujiu wiped the tears on her face and asked: “Why grandmother suddenly had a stroke? What happened?” When she saw her last time, Meng Laofuren was healthy. She didn’t show any symptoms of a stroke.

When Lin Chujiu finished her words, Meng Er Furen tears fell down: “Chujiu, mother, she is… …” Meng Er Furen couldn’t make a clear sound, nor say a complete sentence.

Lin Chujiu didn’t understand immediately the situation. But, she was sure it must be a big event: “What happened in the end?”

“Your cousins… ….” Meng Er Furen said as an opening while sobbing. On the other hand, Meng San Furen already cried in the arms of Meng Sanye. Meng Da Furen stood still like a puppet. And the three Meng brothers has a face that looked like they wanted to say something.

“What the hell is it?” Lin Chujiu asked again. Meng Da Furen bit her lips and refused to smile. She shook her head firmly, then said: “Nothing is happening. The time is not too early, you should go back.”

“I’m not stupid, you all look like this, so how can I believe that nothing is going on?” The whole family’s face looked very gloomy, so how can things be okay?

“Chujiu… …” Meng Da Furen opened her mouth, but she was interrupted by the Meng Er Furen: “Chujiu, there is, there is something big going on. Your second cousin, third cousin, and fourth cousin had an accident. They were all gone.”

Meng Er Furen’s son was Meng Guogong’s only grandson.

Aside from Meng Da Furen, the other furens sighed in relief, when they opened it up.

“What do you mean? They all disappeared?” Countless terrible thoughts flashed in Lin Chujiu’s mind. Meng Guogong nodded his head to confirmed Lin Chujiu’s guess, then said: “It is just like what you are thinking, they were kidnapped. The other party sent three groups of people to take away your three cousins.”

“What do they want?” Lin Chujiu had no impression of her three cousins. So, although she sounded worried, she can ask questions very calmly.

“After three days, they want you to come in the Wind Cliff Valley. You must come alone.”  It was a choice between grandson and granddaughters, which was very difficult. Meng Laofuren doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to get involved. So, she warned her three sons not to mention this matter to Lin Chujiu before she loses consciousness. 

“Chujiu… save your cousins, save your cousins please.” Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen knelt in front of Lin Chujiu. They know this was wrong, but… …

Those were their children.

Meng Da Furen also wanted to speak. But, when she remembered the old lady’s words to her earlier, she chooses to endure.

Meng Laofuren told her that she is now the headmaster of the family. As the headmaster, she cannot be so selfish.

“Chujiu, this is our family’s business, we will solve it ourselves.” Meng Da Furen pressed down the pain in her heart and said without emotion.

One of the four children were also her child.

“Sister-in-law… …” When Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen heard her words, they became more desperate.

How can their sister-in-law be like this?

“Did you forget what mother said?” Meng Da Furen’s eyes became teary, but she refuses to let them flow.

She remembered the teachings of the old lady, the men of the Meng family has retired in managing the family’s business. The women of Meng Family must stand up.

Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen immediately closed their mouth. The Meng three brothers also lowered their head and didn’t dare to look at Lin Chujiu.

They don’t want Lin Chujiu to get hurt, but… …

They can’t think of another way!

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