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When Meng Laofuren handed the box to Lin Chujiu, she seemed felt quite relieved. Her hand that was grabbing Lin Chujiu’s clothes has loosened, but she still blinked her eyes.

Once the old mama understood Meng Laofuren, she said what it means to Lin Chujiu: “Young miss, the old lady asked you to take out the things inside.”

Now that the Meng Family was in shock and chaos, and Meng Laofuren has fallen ill. Lin Chujiu felt embarrassed to come outside with a box. The people outside might think she took away the old lady’s belongings.

At this moment, Meng Laofuren was still thinking about Lin Chujiu.

“Okay.” Lin Chujiu wanted to treat the old lady first, but she couldn’t brush away the old mama’s kindness.

There was a lock on the box, the old mama took the key from Meng Laofuren’s neck and handed it to Lin Chujiu.


When the box opened, she saw an ink-colored token and a yellowish colored letter. The letter looked like was written many years ago.

The texture of the token could no longer be identified, but it was a palm size and quite heavy. The front of the token was carved with the word “Lin”, while the opposite side was carved with a group of flowers, that Lin Chujiu doesn’t know.

The seal of the letter was made of wax, so at first glance, it can be seen that it was kept untouched. In front of the letter, there were written words: ‘To my child Chujiu, from your parents’. With the handwriting, it can be seen that the writer was a woman.

Lin Chujiu didn’t rush to open the letter. After taking the token and the letter, she went outside the room to get her medicine box.

However, as soon as she came out, she was stopped by the three Meng brothers and their wife.

“Chujiu, how is mother?” This was what the three Meng brothers care about.

“Chujiu, now that you’re here, there is a big event, you must save… …” On the other hand, this what Meng Er furen and Meng San furen had said, but they were interrupted by Meng Guogong: “Okay, let us ask your mother’s situation first.”

“Grandmother’s situation is very bad, I am going to get my medicine box.” Lin Chujiu was not willing to say anything else.

Meng Guogong wanted to let the maidservant next to him take it, but Lin Chujiu went straight ahead and drilled herself inside the carriage.

After closing the door and the windows, Lin Chujiu took out medicines for treating stroke in the medical system. Then, she put them inside her medicine box.

Lin Chujiu had a cold face when she came out, her whole body was also emitting a cold atmosphere, so when she came back, no one had dared to approach her.

In the modern time, the stroke cases were still hard to cure. Lin Chujiu could only make the old lady feel comfortable.

After giving the old lady an infusion, Lin Chujiu felt that the old lady had a lot more spirit and her mood had quite stabilized.

And after the old lady drank some ginseng soup, Lin Chujiu injected the old lady with a tranquilizer. She wanted Meng Laofuren to sleep and have some rest. Then, she told the old mama to take care of the old lady.

“Chujiu, is mother okay?” Outside the room, the three Meng brothers and their wife has been waiting.

Lin Chujiu, who looked tired said: “Grandmother’s condition is stable now, but I’m afraid that she can only stay in bed.”

The eyes of the three Meng brothers were red, but they knew her situation before. So after listening to it the second time, they were not that sad. They only said: “Mother is alright.”


How could she be alright?

Except for her head, she can’t move at all. Can you call that alright?

* Meng Er Furen – Meng Second Son’s wife.

*Meng San Furen – Meng Third Son’s wife.

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