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“This slave doesn’t know. I only know that the old lady suddenly fainted, and then half of her body couldn’t move.” The maidservant ran all the way, so she was panting.

Lin Chujiu turned to the coachman and said: “Let’s go to the Guo Gongfu.”

Because of Meng Laofuren’s condition, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but urged the coachman to hurry. The coachman was rushed by Lin Chujiu, so his whip continued smashing the horse. After a quarter of an hour, they arrived in Guo Gongfu.

When the carriage stopped, Lin Chujiu grabbed the footstool that guard next to her was holding and jumped down. Then, she rushed away.

Wangfei, why do you act so boorish? Don’t you fear Wangye might abandon you?

* Bang, bang, bang*

The Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen knocked on the gate. When the Meng Family’s people, who had been waiting for Lin Chujiu heard a self-made introduction and knocking sound, they immediately opened the gate.

When the gate was opened, Lin Chujiu just took a step inside, but said: “Take me to see my grandmother.”

Lin Chujiu’s feet didn’t stop, she walked in a hurry all the way to Meng Laofuren’s courtyard. The Meng three masters and furens had all been waiting in the hall, so when they saw Lin Chujiu coming in, their eyes lit up, as if they saw a big savior. They didn’t wait any longer and just hurried came forward, then said: “Chujiu, hurry, mother has been waiting for you.”

“Yes, uncle.” Lin Chujiu also refused to pay respect and just run towards the room.

Inside, the room was filled with medicinal scents. Besides the old lady, there was an old mama. Seeing Lin Chujiu coming in, the old mama greeted Lin Chujiu immediately: “Young miss, the old lady has been waiting for you.” 

“Grandma, what’s wrong?” Lin Chujiu stepped forward and half knelt in front of Meng Laofuren. The next moment, the medical system diagnosis came out: Half Stroke

Half stroke, the patient will be hopeless, but will not die.

“Grandmother…” Lin Chujiu's tears flowed out.

How could this happen? How did Meng Laofuren suddenly had a stroke? The last time they met, she was still very healthy… …

“Chu…jiu…” Meng Laofuren’s half body couldn’t move. Only half of her mouth could also move, so she couldn’t spit out a complete word. And every time she will open her mouth, her saliva continued flowing out.

“Grandmother, I am here, I am here. You can rest assured, I will cure you. ” The first time Lin Chujiu felt warm in this era, it was with this old lady.

This old lady gave her the most selfless and unconditional love, so she couldn’t bear to take advantage of her and made calculations. Seeing the old lady lying in bed like this, Lin Chujiu was really sad. 

“My medicine box, I am going to get my medicine box. Grandmother just waits for me here.” Lin Chujiu released Meng Laofuren’s hand and was about to went outside, but Meng Laofuren refused to let her go.

“Ah…ah…” Meng Laofuren opened her mouth, but she couldn’t spit a single word. So, she looked at the old mama’s eyes.

The old mama was Meng Laofuren’s closes confidant. She can understand the old lady just by looking at her eyes. So, she nodded her head and turn towards the dressing table. Inside, she took out a box.

Meng Laofuren blinked her eyes and the old mama handed the box to Lin Chujiu: “Young miss, this is what the eldest miss left for you. It is a very important thing. The old lady wanted to give this to you a hundred years later, but she suddenly became ill today. She’s afraid, she couldn’t stand her disease, so she was so anxious to give it to you.”

“My mother left me something?” Lin Chujiu was very surprised, but this surprise was accompanied by uneasiness.

What could be this thing that the old lady wanted to hand it over after a century later?

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