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The young master of Hua Family and the former imperial prince of the Southern Country, Xiao Rui, were not fully cured yet. So in order for Lin Chujiu to facilitate their treatment, Xiao Tianyao let Su Cha brought the people in Xiao Wangfu. So that, it can save Lin Chujiu a lot of time.

Today, there were two children she had to check in Xiao Wangfu, so Lin Chujiu specifically made early rounds. After checking the young master of Hua Family and Xiao Rui, Lin Chujiu went to the hospital. 

After a couple of days nursing back the abandoned children’s health, they were more spirited, and so the courtyard became busier. The children were cured, but another problem is coming. 

These children were abandoned children of the Ci Entang. It was very impossible for Xiao Wangye to keep taking care of them. It’s not that he can’t afford in raising them, but they feared that the emperor will use this matter to look for trouble for Xiao Wangye.

It was like a cat is haunting a mouse. But, the mouse doesn’t like this kind of noisy event. Xiao Tianyao can manage these children, but how about the other abandoned children in other branches of Ci Entang?

There were hundreds of branch of Ci Entang in the entire East. Who knows how many abandoned children were there? Will Xiao Wangye also take care of all of them?

That’s what the other party will pay attention to. What they want is to falsely accuse Xiao Wangye of being unfair and made him look a hypocrite. Can Xiao Wangfu afford to face it?

Xiao Wangfu does have money, but it was not enough to support all the branches of Ci Entang. They don’t have riches that can compare to the treasury of the palace. Xiao Wangfu will fail to support them.

Seeing that most of the abandoned children were now gradually recovering, the Hospital Keeper also asked: “Wangfei, how do you plan to settle these children once they fully recovered?”

“What did Wangye said?” Lin Chujiu also had thought about this matter, but she can’t think of something.

Some things must be decided by the government and her strength was very limited.

“Wangye said, this matter is Wangfei’s business, so Wangfei was completely in charge of this matter.” The Hospital Keeper said bitterly.

Of course, he first asked Houskeeper Cao and Xiao Wangye’s opinion, before he dared to said those words to Lin Chujiu.

“I am completely in charge?” This incident was obviously something she can’t afford to solve alone. So, how can Xiao Tianyao do this?

Lin Chujiu really cannot understand Xiao Tianyao. What does he mean by this? Why does he always push her away, once she thinks Xiao Tianyao likes her?

It was only yesterday that he said she should remember that he was his wife, so why today, he let her responsible alone?

There was a big stone pressing Lin Chujiu’s heart, but she didn’t dare to show it on the surface of her face. She only nodded her head to the hospital keeper and said that she was informed.

Lin Chujiu sat in the main hall for a long time. She couldn’t understand Xiao Tianyao. She felt like she needs to have a good talk with him.

There were other doctors in the hospital. Basically, Lin Chujiu doesn’t need to do everything. So, she decided to go back and look for Xiao Tianyao to talk about this matter clearly. Even if she can’t understand this situation, she wanted to understand his attitude towards her. She doesn’t want to end up in an extremely difficult situation just like the last time and get badly injured.

Lin Chujiu called the Hospital Keeper and let him prepared a carriage, but when she was about to get in, a maidservant suddenly ran towards her and shouted from afar: “Young Miss, young miss… … I am a maidservant under Meng Family.”

From afar, the maidservant, who shouted was being stopped by Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen. However, even after she said those words, she was not released by them. The guardsmen still waited for Lin Chujiu’s order.

Lin Chujiu stopped and turned around, then said: “You are a maidservant under Meng Family? What’s wrong?”

The maidservant kowtowed in the ground and eagerly said: “Young miss, Meng Laofuren fell ill. This slave went to Xiao Wangfu, I heard that young miss is here, and so this slave came.”

"Is my grandmother sick?" Lin Chujiu's facial expression changed. She then asked nervously: “What happened?"

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