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“As you already know, I can cure Meng Gongzi’s illness, but Meng Family is still considering it.” Lin Chujiu moved to the side, to give Xiao Tianyao a bigger space.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head, there was no trace of anger in his face, which made Lin Chujiu very puzzled.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t move closer, he only stretched out his hand and caress Lin Chujiu’s head: “Chujiu, remember, you are benwang’s wife.”

His tone was soft and slow like earlier, but there was a dangerous atmosphere accompanied to it. Lin Chujiu unconsciously moved back: “I always remember.”

How can she forget… …

If she was not destined to become Xiao Wangfei, she and Xiao Tianyao will never meet in this lifetime.

Xiao Tianyao was a very dangerous man, it’s better to stay far away from him. However, she was his wife, she can’t hide from him. She can’t even escape his occasional gentleness.

“Good.” Xiao Tianyao said, as his hand moved toward her cheek up to her neck: “In the future, don’t do things that can make benwang unhappy.”

Lin Chujiu took a glance on the hand that was stuck on her neck. She finally understood why Xiao Tianyao was acting abnormally.

Is he jealous?

Lin Chujiu lowered her head, to prevent Xiao Tianyao seeing the smile on her eyes. She also didn’t give him an answer.

If she wanted to continue to be a doctor, she inevitably will deal with patients. That’s why she can’t give Xiao Tianyao a positive answer. However, in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, her silence means she agreed. As a reward, Xiao Tianyao made a promised: “How obedient, benwang will give you everything you want.”

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu still didn’t give an answer. Because she believed that Xiao Tianyao will not give to her what she really wanted… …

The news that the Meng family refused Divine Doctor Mo’s visit was received by the emperor. The emperor looked at the report in his hand: “He can’t even do a simple thing, then what is the use of him?”

The spy leader kept kneeling on the floor, he didn’t dare to say even a single word. However, the emperor didn’t let him slide, he sharply asked: “Where are the people of the Ci Entang that attacked Lin Chujiu? Did you find them?” Lin Chujiu’s medical talent was good. However, this advantage also became a disadvantage to her.

“No.” The spy leader’s breathing increased. He has been failing his mission recently. He always failed to do a good job.

“Waste.” The emperor was really dissatisfied, but he still pressed his anger and asked: “What about the people behind the Ci Entang? Have you found a new clue?”

The spy leader shook his head and kowtowed: “All the involved people in the Ci Entang has died. All the involved officials also committed suicide. All the clues were broken.” They also wanted to check, but they couldn’t find any.

“The clues were broken? Can you say those words to the citizens?” The front line army was in an unfavorable situation, the citizens were very uneasy. But recently, another turmoil starts, the emperor was very annoyed in this.

“This subordinate ask the emperor’s forgiveness.” The spy leader was full of sweat, but he didn’t dare to move.

“You deserve to die,” Iif it wasn’t for his loyalty and skill, the emperor would really kill him.

“For your loyalty, zhen will give you another chance. You have to check how much Xiao Wangye cares about Xiao Wangfei. If you failed again, you don’t need to come and see zhen.”

He would like to see what Xiao Tianyao will do for Lin Chujiu. Additionally, without Lin Chujiu, can Meng Family still reject Divine Doctor Mo?

“Thank you huangshang for your grace, this subordinate will certainly complete this task.” The spy leader escaped from his death, so he was secretly relieved. As for Xiao Wangfei?

He only feels sorry for her… …

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