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Lin Chujiu took off her mask and gloves, then she put it back into the medicine box. She took out two boxes of medicine from the inside and handed it to Meng Xiuyuan: “If I didn’t guess wrong, Meng Gongzi’s throat must be very painful recently. These medicines are for you. It will be helpful. This bottled medicine, you can drink at least 1/5 of it every morning once you woke up. These pills are to be taken one hour after each meal. Two pills at a time. It can alleviate temporarily the pain.”

Meng Xiuyuan nodded his head and thanked Lin Chujiu for the medicines. Meng Daren looked at his son with full of concern: “Xiuyuan, why didn’t you tell me that your throat was painful?”

Meng Xiuyuan shook his head gently, indicating that he was fine.

It’s nothing?

The inflammation of his throat was so serious that he can’t swallow properly, but he said it was nothing?

Lin Chujiu took a glance at Meng Xiuyuan. She looked at her with eyes telling that she knows his real condition, but Meng Xiuyuan didn’t say anything. The smile on his face did not reduce even a bit.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any intention to intervene with people’s life. When she finished checking Meng Xiuyuan‘s condition, she proposed to retire.

It’s not convenient for Lin Chujiu to stay long. However, there was no maidservant in their place. Meng Daren wanted to personally sent Lin Chujiu out, but Meng Xiuyuan got up and made a hand gesture. At the same time, he carried Lin Chujiu’s medicine box in a very graceful manner.

“Meng Gongzi is too polite.” Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse his help, she went outside with Meng Xiuyuan.

Meng Xiuyuan was a very considerate person. He considered Lin Chujiu’s small steps. He walked slower than usual. It was only a small detail, but it can make a person happy.

Meng Xiuyuan accompanied Lin Chujiu all the way to the carriage and watched as she leaves until her figure could no longer be seen. When Meng Xiuyuan went back, his pace was not in a hurry, he walked in a leisurely manner, but was still full of elegance.

“Xiuyuan, what do you think?” When Lin Chujiu left, Meng Daren asked directly.

Meng Xiuyuan smiled and wrote the word “Mo”

“You mean, Divine Doctor Mo will make a move?” After all, they were a father and son. And after being together with Meng Xiuyuan since he was born, Meng Daren naturally know how his son thinks.

Meng Xiuyuan nodded his head and wrote another word “wait” word on the table.

Wait, wait for Divine Doctor Mo to come to their door. Divine Doctor Mo, however, was more anxious than they had imagined. At night, he came knocking at their door with government officials.

Because of Meng Xiuyuan’s reminder earlier, Meng Daren was not surprised when he saw Divine Doctor Mo. However, he didn’t reveal it on the surface of his face. He acted surprised: “Divine Doctor Mo, to visit this late at night, I don’t know what’s your intention?”

“These days, I have been thinking about Meng Gongzi’s illness, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was so worried so I asked these government officials to accompany me. I wonder if I could see and check Meng Gongxi’s condition?” Divine Doctor Mo said he was so anxious, but it didn’t reflect on his face. So even if he took the initiative to visit, people don’t feel like he has a concern. 

People could say that, with Divine Doctor Mo’s age and reputation, he was more reliable than Lin Chujiu, but… …

When Meng Daren remembered his son’s idea, he could only sigh: “Divine Doctor Mo, it’s unfortunate. Xiuyuan received a letter from his friend this evening and went outside. He hasn’t come back yet.”

“Meng Gongzi is not here?” Divine Doctor Mo’s face slightly changed with an unspeakable shape… …

People with discerning eyes could see, that this father and son were deliberately doing this!

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