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As long as he can be cured, Meng Xiuyuan doesn’t think he will not dare to try anything.

Xiao Wangfei, please say it… …

For the first time, Meng Xiuyuan made a hand gesture in front of people. These hand gestures were understood by Lin Chujiu.

Well, she knows a little sign language.

“You have a sarcoma in your throat. So, we need to open a small hole in your throat and remove the sarcoma inside.” Lin Chujiu calmly said the treatment plan, so that the father and son could decide.

When Meng Daren heard this method, he was not surprised. Instead, he frowned and asked: “Xiao Wangfei, how much can you grasp this method? To be honest, another doctor once proposed this treatment. But, he can’t guarantee the success of treatment, nor can’t guarantee Xiuyuan’s life.” If life was the exchange for his son to speak, Meng Daren will no longer agree.

“Meng Daren, if you don’t mind, call me Chujiu.” To tell the truth, Lin Chujiu was not really used to be called Xiao Wangfei. Every time she will hear someone call her that, Lin Chujiu will only remember Xiao Tianyao, but also remembered that she was his accessory.

Although women were only accessories to this era. She was still feeling uncomfortable, whenever she listens to it.

“This old man will call you Chujiu.” Meng Daren’s age was enough to be like Lin Chujiu’s father. And with his identity, he didn’t have a hard time calling her by her name.

Lin Chujiu nodded with a smile and answered the father and son: “The sarcoma that grows in your son’s throat is connected directly to his throat. If we will remove it, there will be risks. I can guarantee by 80%, that your son will not die during the process. As for whether he could talk after, there will be no problem. But, if there will be other symptoms, we can continue the treatment.”

When Lin Chujiu finished and saw the father and son’s dignified face. She added to say: “Meng Gongzi, have you noticed that the longer or the bigger you eat meat, you always felt like you couldn’t breathe or you felt like your throat was sore, right?”

Meng Xiuyuan's eyes trembled and then nodded his head… …

This was true, and it has been particularly noticeable recently.

With Meng Xiuyuan’s affirmation, Lin Chujiu added more possible situation: “Even if you didn’t acquire aphasia, the sarcoma in your throat must be removed. Otherwise, the longer it grows, the more Meng Gonzing’s life will get in danger, due to difficulty in breathing.”

When Meng Daren heard that it was life-threatening, his face drastically changed: “Is this the only way? Is there no a safer method?”

“I only know this method.” She was a Western doctor. Western medicine relies on surgery to solve the problem. Can’t it be dissolved? It was totally impossible to dissolved sarcoma with medication.

“This… …” Meng Daren looked embarrassed, he doesn’t know what to decide.

Can a person live after his throat was cut?

Even if Lin Chujiu said that there were 80% chance of success, he doesn’t dare to take the risks.

Meng Xiuyuan was not only his eldest son but also his only son. The only heir to the Meng Family. If Meng Xiuyuan dies, the Meng Family is completely finished. 

Lin Chujiu also understood Meng Daren’s worries, so she said in a thoughtful way: “Meng Daren and Meng Gongzi you can think about it. Meng Gongzi’s illness is not urgent. You can find me again once you decided, okay?”

The medical system didn’t require her to treat Meng Xiuyuan. Meng Xiuyuan's illness is not urgent, that’s why she was not worried.

“I will trouble you again.” Meng Daren said in an apologetic tone. Lin Chujiu doesn’t care, so he waved her hand: “Small things.”

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