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“Benwang found the Hua Family’s young master.” When Xiao Tianyao dropped this sentence, Su Cha and Liu Bai almost jumped out from their chair.

“Tianyao, what did you say? Did I hear it wrong? You found the young master of Hua Family?” Were they thinking the same Hua Family?

Xiao Tianyao nodded his head gently. “You didn’t hear it wrong. It’s the young master that Hua Family have been looking for.”

“Where did you find him?” Su Cha asked with incredible tone and his eyes were full of shock.

The disappearance of Hua Family’s young master was known throughout the four countries. The Hua Family asked each emperor of the four countries to help them look for their young master. And as long as they find him, they will definitely pay a thank you gift.

With this, the emperors of the four countries had spent a lot of manpower and resources to search all over the four countries. However, even after looking for a long time, they couldn’t find even a piece of the baby’s clothing.

“Ci Entang.” Xiao Tianyao said in an understatement, Su Cha felt stupid. After a long while, he asked in a low voice: “Was he found by Wangfei?” She’s not a human being.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao looked indifferent, but they couldn’t sense any trace of happiness nor anger in his tone.

Su Cha incredibly shook his head: “Wangfei’s luck is against the heaven.”

“Indeed, it’s really good…” Xiao Tianyao sighed with a touch of irony.

Su Cha knows what he was thinking, the joy he suddenly felt has faded: “Tianyao, Wangefi is very good to you. You should treat her better in the future.” Don’t use her again.

“Benwang is very good to her now.” Everyone can see that his wife was very satisfied with him, although he doesn’t actually spoil her.

“I’m saying, not only on the surface. But, to treat her well truthfully.” As Xiao Tianyao’s right hand and a good friend, he knew that Xiao Tianyao put Lin Chujiu in his heart. It’s just… … it’s too lightly!

“It’s true benwang is treating her well now.” At least, recently, he does. He didn’t hesitate, which made him happy.

“I know that you are sincere, but the better you treat her now, the more she will get in danger. The emperor can’t do anything to harm you, so he will start from the people you care about.” Xiao Tianyao was a person who has no weaknesses. The Emperor was very reluctant to start directly at him, but now… … 

Xiao Tianyao displayed his care to Lin Chujiu in front of the people. This was undoubtedly telling the emperor that this woman was his weakness.

“If he wants to be benwang’s woman, she must bear the consequences that are associated with it.” Xiao Tianyao’s face looked cold, he didn’t feel like he was doing something wrong: “On that day she married benwang, she was already destined to share life and death with benwang. She can no longer escape.”

“But, Wangfei is still young, can she afford it?” Su Cha always felt that Xiao Tianyao shouldn’t do this. After all, what was the difference of this and let her go out to die?

Of course, there was a difference. Xiao Tianyao will not sit idly and let Lin Chujiu get into an accident.

“If she can’t afford it, she must at least protect herself.” If she doesn’t have enough power, can she stand by his side?

He can protect Lin Chujiu, but he can’t guarantee her life forever. Only with her own hands, she can protect herself.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes were very cold, obviously, he doesn’t want to talk about this matter. Su Cha and Liu Bai still have something more to discuss, but they must tolerate it for now.

After Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao separated, she refused to be escorted back. She slowly walked towards her courtyard alone. At this point in time, the redness in her face has long been subsided. There were only signs of tiredness in her eyes. There was no longer trace of infatuation over to Xiao Tianyao. 

Lin Chujiu admitted that she has feelings for Xiao Tianyao. Such a ruthless man like Xiao Tianyao, occasionally becoming gentle and thoughtful, can really make a woman feel desperate for him. 

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