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The emperor didn’t expect Xiao Tianyao would be so arrogant. When he chased after him to the imperial hall, Xiao Tianyao was nowhere to be found. The emperor was so angry to the point that he couldn’t wait to dig out his eyes: “Do you think without you, we can’t win the war? We will surely win. Zhen will make sure that without you, my commanders can protect our country!”

At the Luan Feng Courtyard, the empress learned that Xiao Tianyao and the emperor were once again in the state of stagnation. With this, she couldn’t help but slightly smile: “If Xiao Wangye will not intervene, things will become much easier.”

The old man who was close to the old mama also a smiled when he heard this: “Niangniang, rest assured. We have already deal with it. They can’t find our spies.”

“Bengong believes you, it’s just a pity.” The Empress sighed and said: “I wanted to make more preparation for my Little Seven, but now, I’m afraid we can’t anymore.”

Now that they were being watched closely, they can no longer continue!

After Xiao Tianyao came out of the palace, he didn’t return directly to the Xiao Wangfu. He let the coachman send him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Su Cha, who was rejected to join in the fun, stayed outside the operating room, while crouching and drawing a circle with a dejected face. However, after hearing Xiao Tianyao’s voice, he immediately got up and said: “Wangye, you came?”

“How did it go?” Xiao Tianyao strode inside and naturally sat in the main position. He completely acted like the master of the place.

“Everything is done.” Su Cha seemed to talk casually, but in actual truth, he stood there with full of respect.

In front of other people, Su Cha always remembers his identity.

Xiao Tianyao waved his hand, then said: “Very good, you can go.”

“Now?” Now that he has no use, he was being tossed away?

It's so sad!

“Otherwise?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha coldly. Su Cha felt a chill all over his body, he wanted to go outside right away: “I am going, I am going, I will go now.” You heartless man!

When Su Cha left, Xiao Tianyao summoned the Hospital Keeper: “Where is Xiao Wangfei?”

“Answering back to his majesty, Xiao Wangfei is in the west wing. Xiao Wangfei specifically ordered that no one should bother her.” After the hospital keeper finished, he immediately bowed his head. He did not dare to look at Xiao Tianyao.

He was afraid to die… …

Xiao Tianyao raised an eyebrow but didn’t speak. Then, he let the hospital keeper go… …

In the west wing, only Lin Chujiu was present. In order not to expose the existence of the medical system, Lin Chujiu minimized the used of modern medicines in the hospital. And she never let a stranger accompany her during operation.

It was not the first time that Lin Chujiu performed a surgery alone. She was used to it now. So, she successfully finished the operation before it gets dark.

This operation was the last among the children with rabbit lips. After completing her task, Lin Chujiu felt a little more at ease.

“Take care of this child, don’t let him get injured.” When Lin Chujiu handed the child, she repeatedly gave instruction.

“This slave will obey.” The maidservant repeatedly guaranteed Lin Chujiu. Although their Wangfei speak kindly. If she repeatedly made the same mistake, she will not be soft.

When Lin Chujiu finished the operation, she was going to visit the baby with pneumonia. However, she just took a step outside the room, when the hospital keeper blocked her way.

"Is there something wrong?" Lin Chujiu asked.

The Hospital Keeper eagerly nodded his head and said: “Wangfei, Wangye came, he’s been waiting for more than two hours.”

“Wangye is here?” Lin Chujiu's eyes lit up. “Did he said something?”

Lin Chujiu admitted that she was very happy to hear that Xiao Tianyao came to find her. She finds it a little sweet.

When she was still studying and working in her previous life. She was envious to those girls, who had a boyfriend picking up and dropping them at work. That’s why, although waiting for two hours sounds silly, she was… … really happy!

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