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The reason why Xiao Tianyao left early this morning, was to talk about the attempted murder case to Lin Chujiu.

The Control Yuan found some clues, but the clues were too perfunctory for Xiao Tianyao.

The Control Yuan gave Xiao Tianyao an answer, they found out that it was related to the people behind the Ci Entang. The purpose was not only to stop Xiao Tianyao in staring at Ci Entang but also to transfer the attention of the people. Unfortunately, they did not only failed to reach their goal, but also made their group even more eye-catching. Things behind the Ci Entang was also exposed.

After talking a bunch of stuff, the Control Yuan Officer ended his words by saying: “As long as we found the person behind the scene, we will know who wants to kill Xiao Wangfei.”

Upon hearing this statement, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but sneer. Xiao Tianyao didn’t say a word from the beginning up to the end. He only said one thing when the emperor asked for his thoughts: “Chen believes Huangshang.”

Hearing those words, it felt like Xiao Wangye has utmost loyalty to the emperor, but people knew that he was dissatisfied.

The Control Yuan Officer’s words sounds feasible, but they can’t get hard evidence. In truth, they want Xiao Tianyao himself to check the people behind the scene of the Ci Entang. They will be very happy if Xiao Wangye will be able to found those ghost.

But of course, the people present in the imperial hall didn’t say it directly. They only expressed words with the same meaning. So, seeing that Xiao Tianyao has no intention to take over the case, the emperor tried to reveal something else.

When the meeting in the imperial hall in the morning ended, the emperor discussed the matter to Xiao Tianyao alone: “Tianyao, although there was no hard evidence, aside from being related to the Ci Entang’s case, there was no other reason to assassinate Lin Chujiu. Now that the Ci Entang was exposed, the people behind the scene will not let Lin Chujiu go. For her safety, we must find the person behind the Ci Entang as soon as possible.”

Now that they were alone, the emperor spoke directly his thought.

The people behind-the-scenes of the Ci Entang was not easy to check. It takes a lot of time and effort to find out the matter. The emperor doesn’t want to waste his manpower and resources over this matter. Additionally, he also wants Xiao Tianyao to be busy so that he won’t stare at the front line events. That’s why he kept pushing this matter to him.

However, if Xiao Tianyao follows the emperor’s order, he was not Xiao Tianyao.

“Huangshang, chen believes that you will find it out soon.” Xiao Tianyao acted like he didn’t get the emperor’s hint. He pushed back the matter cleanly.

Regarding about this case, he can investigate it privately. Why would he take over this case anyway? Who doesn’t know that Ci Entang was now a hot potato? Whoever investigate it was doomed to be unlucky.

The emperor’s eyebrow frowned and his face became gloomy: “Tianyao, the court now is focusing on the front line battle, zhen hope you can take over the Ci Entang case.”

“Huangshang, chen is unwell and cannot afford to take over such an important task.” Xiao Tianyao used his body as an excuse: “Chen can now walk, but cannot stand for a long time. Chen can get ill anytime, chen is asking huangshang to be considerate.”

In truth, Xiao Tianyao was very healthy. He was only lying.

“This matter is related to your Wangfei’s safety, are you sure, you don’t care?” The Emperor didn’t expect that Xiao Tianyao will pretend to be sick.

Did he already found out who’s the person behind the Ci Entang?

“I don’t care.” After Xiao Tianyao finished, he bid his farewell to the emperor: “Huangshang, the time is late, chen will not delay further your official duties, chen will retire first.”

After that, regardless whether the emperor was happy or not, he turned and left… …

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