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"Is there new clothes and new shoes that I can wear?" Su Cha agreed, but specifically asked for new ones!

He was a young master, he never wore clothes that were used by others.

“There are coats and shoes that you can use like outer clothes.” The maidservant took away and urged Su Cha to change clothes. But when he came back, Lin Chujiu was already finished treating the child’s wound. So, he ate another loss.

What the heck! 

Su Cha felt like this year was very unfavorable to him. How many times has it been?

He misses it every time… …

“Pay extra care to him at night. Don’t let him get injured again. If you can’t watch over him all the time, try to tie his hands.” Lin Chujiu said while packing her things.

“Yes.” The maidservant answered. After discovering that the child was injured, no one else wants to take care of the child in fear. They were scared to be punished. But who would have thought that they will only get reprimanded with the child’s food intake?

“Pay more attention to him. I’m going to change the other children’s medicines.” Lin Chujiu didn’t stay long in the pediatrics. She knew very well that taking care of the children was more difficult than taking care of the adults. There were not many people who like to work in the hospital, so negligence was inevitable.

After changing the medicines, Lin Chujiu took the children’s body temperature and checked the progress of the recovery of their wounds. Those were the things that Lin Chujiu performed first thing in the morning. Su Cha followed Lin Chujiu all they way around. At first, he was having fun, but later on, he got bored.

After going back and forth, he only made a few moves and learned a few things. This kind of life was not interesting to Su Cha, who encounters unexpected situations most of the time. He finds it very boring, so he doesn’t know how long their Wangfei’s patience was.

However, he finds the things that their Wangfei was writing interesting. Every situation was written on the paper. The situation yesterday and today were clearly written, so there was no reason to get confused.

Perhaps, if he writes a note just like this, about their men’s performances in each task and the progress of their strength. He will be able to assign them in a more fitting task. This way, they will lessen their mistake and it will be more convenient to dispatch people.

He must go and see Xiao Tianyao this evening!

With this not so small gain in knowledge, Su Cha was quite in a good mood. If he was depressed before, now, he even wants to volunteer to help.

“You? No, I have an operation this afternoon, you can’t help me.” Lin Chujiu knows that Su Cha wanted to follow her all day. She was not against this idea, but she will use western medicines in surgery. The medicines inside the hospital were all Chinese medicine.

Of course, those medicines were not her prescriptions. Those were prescribed by Xiao Tianyao’s personal hired doctors. She has a good understanding of both Western and Chinese medicine, but using Chinese medicine in the surgery was definitely… … a joke!

“Surgery? What’s that?” Su Cha’s eyes brightly shined. His intuition was telling him that this so-called surgery was more interesting than today’s morning activity. Maybe this time, his wish to see how amazing Lin Chujiu give treatment to the people will come true.

“I will just stitch rabbit lips. Didn’t you see one already this morning?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to explain things more in details.

Su Cha doesn’t understand, so he wants to join in the fun: “Can I watch?”

“No, you can’t!” Lin Chujiu shook her head firmly, then she pulled out a smile that doesn’t look like a smile. She didn’t wait for Su Cha to open his mouth again, she just turned and left.

At the same time, the emperor, who just finished an official meeting, further discuss the matter to Xiao Tianyao separately. After the emperor finished talking, Xiao Tianyao only replied with a single word: “Whatever!”

After that, he turned and left the palace. His action was exactly the same as Lin Chujiu!

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