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Zhou Hean experienced so many things in two years of escaped. That’s why he became a very cautious person. His mind was much more stable and matured compared to his peers, but it can’t deny the fact that he was still young. So, in front of an old fox like Su Cha, he had no chance of winning.

No accident happened, Zhou Hean in the end, chose to leave with Su Cha and stayed in the hospital where they were going to, which was also a much safer and secluded place.

In this matter, Lin Chujiu didn’t say a word. Zhou Hean only takes good care of Xiao Rui. While Lin Chujiu watched the child.

“Thank you, madam.” Zhou Hean, who was holding Xiao Rui, shrank himself in the corner of the carriage.

He really should thank Lin Chujiu, if it wasn’t because of her, Su Cha will not use such a gentle approach. Xiao Wangye will also not bother to protect them. After all, handing them to the enemies were much more beneficial.

“I didn’t do anything.” Lin Chujiu shook her head and glanced at Xiao Rui, who doesn’t know anything. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but sigh after looking at the child.

She really doesn’t know if she was lucky or not, but she does meet quite a lot of extraordinary individuals, whenever she saved patients. 

Although he chose to go with Su Cha, Zhou Hean doesn’t know what exactly he wanted to do. He was very uneasy, so he held Xiao Rui in his arms without saying another word. Xiao Rui on the other hand only looked at Lin Chujiu.

Soon, the carriage entered the hospital. Lin Chujiu bid farewell to Xiao Rui, then she took her medicine box and left. Su Cha followed behind Lin Chujiu.

“You still want to follow me?” Isn’t his official job finished?

“If I leave halfway, they will get more suspicious.” Su Cha felt like he was very kind today in doing his job. That’s why, their Wangfei shouldn’t be angry, right?

“Oh… …” Lin Chujiu simply said and went inside.

However, just to make sure, Su Cha still asked: “Wangfei, are you angry?” If he made their Wangfei’s angry, Xiao Tianyao will definitely tear him into pieces.

“I’m not angry.” Lin Chujiu was really not angry. Regarding this matter, Xiao Tianyao has given her enough face.

With Xiao Tianyao’s ability, it was very easy for him to take away Zhou Hean and Xiao Rui in utmost secrecy. So, Xiao Tianyao letting her know this, was already a big progress.

When the night came, she will give him a reward!

Speaking of reward, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but remember their kiss last night.

Thinking about how they kiss last night, Lin Chujiu showed a smile on her face. It will be good if they continued like this.

They don’t need to rush, they could take it slowly… …

Su Cha, who was walking behind, watched Lin Chujiu smirk in her cold face. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but shook his head: Women are fickle as always.

When Lin Chujiu entered the hospital, someone immediately rushed to her: “Wangfei, the child on the bed # 17, his lips were bleeding. The other doctors didn’t dare to treat him. Please hurry and check his condition.”

The child on the bed #17, undergo a cleft surgery. The children have no name, so Lin Chujiu could only assign a number to them.

“Mmm, I’ll check him.” When work was mentioned, Lin Chujiu immediately had a soft smile. Seeing this, Su Cha couldn’t help but feel stupid. Their Wangfei was among the few women he knows, that could change their facial expression instantly.

*Ka chak*

While Su Cha was still stupefied, Lin Chujiu had already ran into the locker room. She changed her clothes and washed her hands. She took some medicine to the medicine box and went to the ward.

When Su Cha came back to his senses, he busily followed, but he was stopped by the children’s maidservant: “Wangfei said, you must put on clean clothes before you enter the room.”

Although Su Cha rides a carriage all the way to the hospital, his clothes and shoes inevitably acquired some dust, so it was considered unclean.

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