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Su Cha was a very intelligent and well-disciplined person. He didn’t try to get close to Zhou Hean. Aside from looking at Zhou Hean in the beginning, he didn’t look at him again. He only stood like a wood and does what a real attendant was doing.

Zhou Hean had some peace of mind, he knows Lin Chujiu’s real identity. He also knew that this man in front of him was not a simple person, but he doesn’t know if he came for him.

Zhou Hean was afraid to beat the grass and startle the snake, he didn’t get close to Su Cha. He also stood in silence just like him.

Lin Chujiu gave the child an acupuncture treatment, changed the medicine, and took out the medicine she had prepared in advance: “3 white tablets per intake, 3x a day. 1 yellow tablet per intake, 3x a day. 2 Blue bottles per intake, 2x a day.”

The medicines were not the same, so Lin Chujiu gave Zhou Hean a clear instruction. Zhou Hean firmly takes note of the instruction and carefully held the medicines in his body: “Madame, Thank you.” Lin Chujiu didn’t reveal her identity, so Zhou Hean didn’t dare to call Lin Chujiu, Xiao Wangfei.

“Don’t mention it, saving you was only an accident.” Lin Chujiu nodded her head towards Zhou Hean and patted the child’s head: “I will come back after two days and take care of you.”

“I am sick, sister come… …” The child started talking, but it was still unclear. However, after the redness and swelling on his face disappeared, he looked very cute and lovely.

“Mmm, sister will come.” Lin Chujiu can’t say that she loved the child, but she also doesn’t hate him. The reason why she could take good care a lot of children at the same time was that she got used to it when she was still a child. Lin Chujiu hated noisy children, but she likes well-behaved kids.

When Zhou Hean saw the child’s dependence on Lin Chujiu, he said: “Xiao Rui likes madame very much.” It was very rare to see Xiao Rui like a person so much.

“Xiao Rui is well-behaved.” The child’s name was not ordinary. Ordinary people cannot give such a name to a child.

The two children hide their martial arts skills pretty well. No wonder those people failed to find them.

“He is indeed a well-behaved child.” Su Cha, who has long been silent, finally opened his mouth: “Madame, dragons, and snakes are huddling together in this inn. Do you want to take Xiao Rui in the hospital together with the children in the Ci Entang?”

After he finished, Su Cha stood there with a more generous look and glance at Zhou Hean.

Lin Chujiu knew Su Cha’s goal was Zhou Hean. She has no intention to help him, but of course, she also has no intention to hinder him. So, Lin Chujiu thew the problem to Zhou Hean at once: “What do you think?”

“Hospital? The hospital that accommodates all the abandoned children in the Ci Entang?” Zhou Hean was tempted to ask. If it was that place, then it will be safer than this inn, but he doesn’t know if Xiao Wangfei already knew their identity.

If they knew, won’t they be like captured sheep?

“Yes, there are a lot of children there, and there are also doctors. If your brother is there, Madame doesn’t need to go back and forth.” Su Cha laughed warmly, but he still couldn’t hide his fox nature. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to see Su Cha’s face, so she silently packed her things.

Zhou Hean didn’t give an answer right away. He lowered his head and think… …

Su Cha didn’t force Zhou Hean. After he said his words, he stood behind Lin Chujiu, trying to stay in a low-key. Abducting young people was not his nature.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and handed the medicine box to Chunxi, who was standing on the side. “We should go.”

“Yes, madame.” Su Cha busily replied, he only spoke to Zhou Hean once again, when Lin Chujiu left the threshold: “Do you want to go together? It will be more convenient to change place if there is a carriage.”

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