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The emperor's mood inexplicably became good. When lunch time came, he left with the Seventh Prince to eat together. At the dining table, the Seventh Prince didn’t follow the table etiquette. He said one or two sentences from time to time to the emperor: “Imperial father, this is delicious.”

“Imperial father, try tasting this…”

After the meal, the Emperor was very happy: “In the future, Little Seven should come and accompany imperial father to eat.”

“Mmm, as long as Imperial father will not find Little Seven noisy.” The Seventh Prince embarrassingly said, while scratching his head.

“Imperial father never find Little Seven noisy.” The Emperor said with so much love.

“Then, Little Seven will come to accompany Imperial father to eat.” The Seventh Prince were also sharp minded. He knew that the emperor was still busy in his official duties. So after taking a break, he bid farewell. But before leaving, he said: “Imperial father, imperial mother said you are busy, Little Seven will no longer disturb imperial father. But, Imperial father shouldn’t tire himself much, Third brother and Eldest brother are now adults, you can ask them to help. Aunt Fushou Zhang and Aunt Fu An are also adults. They can help imperial father.”

If the Seventh Prince only mentions the Crown Prince and Xiao Zian, the Emperor will be suspicious of him. So, he deliberately added a few more sentences.

When the emperor heard the Seventh Prince’s childish words, he didn’t put it in his heart. He only patted the Seventh Prince’s head and reminded him to study hard. He also said to grow up quickly, so he could share his worries.

The Seventh Prince happily left the hall. When he left, the eunuch replaced the emperor’s tea on the table and praised the Seventh Prince. Seeing the emperor was in a good mood, the eunuch jokingly said: “His royal highness Seventh Prince is indeed still young. He said to let the princesses help in politics. How can the princesses help in this big matter?”

“The Princesses?” The Emperor’s eyes lit up, he suddenly thought of a right candidate.

“Little Seven is zhen’s lucky star.” The Emperor was in a good mood. The eunuch was still very puzzled, but the next moment, he heard the emperor shouted: “Someone, come.”

The Emperor decided to let Princess Fu An’s husband, Cui Sanye to send the grains in the border. And on the same day, he sent out an imperial edict.

When Cui Sanye received the imperial edict, he directly smashed it. In the East, even if a person marries an imperial princess, the emperor’s brother-in-law has no official power.  And due to the rebellion of the Southern Emperor’s brother-in-law, every country now was being careful. So, Cui Sanye couldn’t accept this matter. The Emperor ordered him to send the grains in the border, this is simply… … 

“It can’t be. How can the emperor suddenly let me send the grains?” Cui Sanye, who was holding the imperial edict can’t seem to recover his mind.

Princess Fu An was well-informed, so she said with a happy face: “It's Little Seven, Little Seven mention you, so the Emperor suddenly think of you. Little Seven is truly kind, he didn’t forget this aunt.”

Princess Fu An was really happy. What’s only important to her was the benefit that she could get in this matter. If her husband succeeds in this matter, her position in the Emperor’s mind will rise.

The imperial decree has been made, so no matter what Cui Sanye thinks. All he could do now is succeed.

Although the Cui Family was not a member of palace officials, they were aware of every event in the court. They knew that this errand was a big problem, so they were very worried. They only calmed down when the Cui Family Headmaster said a word.

“Xiao Wangye was giving a warning to the emperor, so the last batch of grains was robbed. Although Xiao Wangye hated the emperor, he was a man with principle. He knew very well the importance of this batch of grains. I’m sure he will also give our Cui Family a face.” 

With this in mind, Cui Sanye relaxed his heart and unscrupulous accept the task that the emperor gave to him.

But at this time, the Ci Entang, who was ignored by the emperor and other palace ministers, blew up another scandal… …

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