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The delivery of grains became a big event. Especially now that the success or failure in the battle will be decided by this. So, they couldn’t afford to get careless.

The Civil and Military Officers had long been arguing inside the imperial hall, but they still haven’t chosen a suitable candidate. Seeing this, the Emperor couldn’t help but get angry, he waved his sleeve and left the imperial hall.

“Prime Minister Lin, what should we do?”

“Prime Minister You, what should we do?”

Whether it was the civil or military officers, they surrounded the two prime ministers, hoping they could come up with a good plan.

Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You stayed emotionless. They both had a tacit understanding to stay silent.

What kind of good plan can they come up with?

This war was of great importance, but Xiao Wangye was watching on the sidelines. Who knows if the grains that they will try to send, will be robbed by him again, right?

If that happens, not only they will lose a food supply, but also lose from the Northern Army. The Emperor will surely not let go of the person who comes up with the plan. That person was doomed to be unlucky.

At this kind of event, only the Emperor could come up with a plan himself.

The Emperor knew what his palace ministers were thinking about. He understood their thoughts very well that’s why he was angry.

Those palace ministers only have small brains in their head, so once they encountered a major event, he couldn’t rest assured.

"What a bunch of waste! What is the use of keeping a group of waste?” Now that he was in trouble, what did those group of people do? They only hide behind his back.

However, he couldn’t kill all those useless palace ministers.

“Bastards.” In anger, the Emperor slammed the table and sat in the dragon chair for a long time.

At this time, no one dared to disturb the emperor. The eunuch and the palace maids stayed away from the palace hall, in fear of irritating the emperor.

“I want to see imperial father.” However, at this time, the Seventh Prince came and sought an audience.

“Your royal highness, Huangshang is very angry at this moment. Do you want to visit again later?” The eunuch knew that the Seventh Prince was a spoiled child, but he really doesn’t dare to enter the palace hall this time.

The Seventh Prince shook his small head and said: “I know imperial father was angry. That’s why I want to go in.  Go and announce that I want to see Imperial father. If Imperial father refuses, I will leave.”

“Your royal highness… …” The eunuch was in a dilemma.

At this time, the Emperor’s anger dissipated by half, so when he heard a voice outside, he asked: “Who is outside?”

The eunuch's scalp went numb in fear. He knelt on the ground and said: “Huangshang, the Seventh Prince is seeking an audience.”

“Little Seven? Let him in.” Although the Emperor was anxious about the issue in the front line, he has no intention to think about it this time.

As soon as the Seventh Prince came inside, he respectfully paid his ceremony. But, he only said his intention, when the Emperor let him rise: “Imperial father, I heard that you are angry. This incompetent son cannot shoulder Imperial father’s worries, this son can only accompany you.”

The Seventh Prince looked at the Emperor with a face full of worries.

When the emperor heard his son’s words, his heart soften a bit: “Little Seven is kind. Come, come and sit to imperial father’s side.”

The Seventh Prince was too small, the Emperor could hardly see him to the other side of the desk.

The Seventh Prince went close and looked at the Emperor’s face. Then, he asked with full of concern: “Imperial father, are you not angry?”

“Imperial father is not angry, anger will not solve the problem.” The Emperor touched the Seventh Prince’s head and said: “Little Seven, you don’t have to worry. There is nothing Imperial father couldn’t solve.”

“Mmm, Imperial father is the most powerful person in the world. No one is more powerful than Imperial father.” The Seventh Prince heavily nodded his head and worshiped the emperor.

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