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And judging from the recent battle report, the front line was very nervous. In the beginning, Eminent Xu used his troops wisely and won several battles. He didn’t attack rashly, he has been fighting steadily. The Emperor almost thought that the victory was in his sight. However, Xiao Tianyao’s legs were cured!

After confirming this news, the Emperor immediately ordered Eminent Xu to attack the Northern Army with all his strength. He must catch off guard the Northern Army and end the war as soon as possible. If necessary, he could sacrifice the 300, 000 soldiers that originally belongs to Xiao Tianyao, but… …

The Northern Army also received the news that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were cured. The Northern Army knew very well that the East Emperor hate Xiao Tianyao the most and will plan to the end the war as soon as possible. So that, Xiao Tianyao will not get a chance to regain his power.

The Northern Army also had the same idea as the East Emperor, but went on ahead. Using the idea of ending the war as soon as possible, the Northern Army swindled the East Army and led them into a forest.

The 200,000 strongest armies of the East disappeared in the forest. But not only that, the grains for the front line army also disappeared.

The missing 200,000 strongest armies happened to be the original soldiers of Xiao Tianyao. Under the command of Eminent Xu, they chased the Northern Army in the forest. They were used as the cannon fodder to rush and attack the Northern Army.

The forest was dense and has complicated road. It was almost impossible for the people to survive. Even if the army has enough food, it will not last long. People with brains will never enter that forest. Therefore, when Eminent Xu learned that the 200,000 soldiers and grains disappeared altogether after entering the forest, he knew right away that he was played.

The Northern Army didn’t plan it all alone. They made plans together with Xiao Wangye. With this method, Xiao Wangye was able to save and recover his powerful army.

The 300,000 soldiers that Xiao Wangye has personally trained could be said that the most fearsome army in the Eastern Country. Even the North Army was scared of them. But now, the 200, 000 soldiers and the injured 100, 000 soldiers were missing. Even if the Eastern Country added another 300,000 soldiers, the Northern Army will not be fearful of them.

The Northern Army’s defeat was in sight, but because of this play, they ended up victorious. On another hand, because of their sudden defeat, the morale of other Eastern soldiers became low. Coupled with the loss of a large number of grains, the Eastern Army was left in a bad situation.

Eminent Xu Da immediately wrote a letter to report the situation on the front line and also wrote his own speculation. So, when the emperor read his report, the emperor almost cough up blood in anger.

He wants to use this war to consume Xiao Tianyao’s army and stop him from regaining his military power. But now that Xiao Tianyao’s soldiers disappeared in the forest, he knew right away that it was Xiao Tianyao’s conspiracy.

Xiao Tianyao must be investigated because of this. But, the most urgent task right now was the war between Eastern and Northern Country. The Eastern Country cannot lose. Or more likely, the East Emperor cannot lose.

The Emperor immediately decreed, not only to send enough food to Eminent Xu but also gave him an additional 200,000 soldiers and horses. Now that there were 700,000 soldiers and horses in Eminent Xu’s hands. The Northern Army had no chance to win this war. The Emperor was full of confidence in the next battle, but… …

The grains that were sent again to the front line was robbed.

The consumption of 700,000 soldiers each day was not small. Eminent Xu couldn’t support them all.

He wanted to rob back the grains in the ghost mountain, but the most important issue right now was to feed the front line.

The Eastern Country was rich in food and resources. They have enough strength to raise grains in their land. But, who will send the grains in the front line? Won’t they encounter another incident?

The Eastern Country was rich, but they cannot afford to be robbed again. The most important thing was, the front line could no longer wait for the third batch of grains… …

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