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Not only Xiao Tianyao was curious about Lin Chujiu’s luck, but also Liu Bai.

Su Cha didn’t let them wait for long, he said: “When Wangfei was rescuing the two, Meng Daren’s son, Meng Xiuyuan happened to be at Zhuque Street.”

“Meng Xiuyuan?” Liu Bai’s opened his mouth in amazement: “How can there be such a good coincidence?” This luck was too good.

“That’s why I said, Wangfei is lucky.” Su Cha’s eyes slightly shine, he looked very happy.

Xiao Tianyao gently nodded his head: “She was indeed lucky.” He was still thinking about, what to do to make Meng Family notice Lin Chujiu’s medical talent. But it seemed, he doesn’t need to do anything anymore, Lin Chujiu already met Meng Xiuyuan.

However, Su Cha also has concerns: “But, I’m afraid that, Meng Family might think that we only designed this event.”

“It doesn’t matter, if Lin Chujiu has no real ability, no matter how many times we designed, it will be useless.” Meng Daren was smart. Even if he designed things, nor make calculations. Meng Daren will know if it was a trap or not.

Just like what Xiao Tianyao thinks, Meng Daren believed that it was only instigated by Xiao Tianyao, but he was not disgusted. Xiao Tianyao only let them see the strength of his Wangfei. Meng Family’s final decision has nothing to do with him.

“Xiao Wangye is good in calculation.” Regardless of what Xiao Tianyao’s purpose was, they now know that Xiao Wangfei has medical talent. And she was the person who cured Xiao Wangye and Prince Xiao Zian’s illness. Meng Daren now finally see some hope.

Xiao Tianyao put out this play, just to tell them that not only Divine Doctor Mo is their hope.

“Xiuyuan, if your not willing to accept Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment, how about Xiao Wangfei?” Meng Daren handed the information his hidden spies had found to his son: “But, these things might be false. Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills were superb, but she was not as popular as Divine Doctor Mo.”

Meng Xiuyuan didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he read the written information on the paper. He looked at it two to three times more. After reading, he wrote only two words: No hurry!

Yes, there is no need to hurry.

Meng Xiuyuan really hopes that he can speak, but he was not in a hurry. After all, even if he can’t speak, he can live very well. He was satisfied with his current life. If his parents didn’t insist, he will not come to the East for medical treatment.

But of course, it would be better if he could speak like the others. However, it was not urgent, nor necessary.

“Well, I’ll listen to you, there is no hurry.” Meng Daren knows that he can’t convince his son, so he only left.

Because of Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao’s participation in the Ci Entang’s case, the commotion became big. The next day, the State of Officials and the Ministry of Revenue were summoned and condemned with neglecting their duties.

The Ci Entang was under the management of the Ministry of Revenue. When such a big thing happened, their department was reprimanded tremendously.

The emperor was completely unaware of the sinful event behind the Ci Entang. However, although he was dissatisfied with the Ministry of Revenue, he was even more dissatisfied with Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao.

In the emperor’s point of view, Xiao Tianyao exposed the ugly things of Ci Entang in order to hit his face.

The emperor scolded the Ministry of Revenue, he ordered him to investigate everything about this case and punish the responsible person according to the law. At the same time, the State Official was scolded for falsely accusing people.

With the words of the emperor, the court officials didn’t say anything. The incident in Ci Entang became big, but it was only a trivial matter. It can be said that this incident was only noticed because Xiao Tianyao was involved.

If Xiao Tianyao didn’t appear in Ci Entang, this incident will be erased by the officials silently and will not reach the Emperor’s ears.

After all, compared to the Ci Entang, the grains that were robbed was far more important.

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