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The road was not long, but also not so short. At least, it was enough for the two people to talk about things and melt some unnecessary misunderstandings. So, the two was able to get to know each other much better.

Lin Chujiu admitted that after talking with Xiao Tianyao calmly, her resentment against him was not as deep as before. This man’s interests always came first, he was ruthless to her, but it was for her good.

When the carriage was about to arrive in Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu was still embracing Xiao Tianyao’s arm and she speaks less carefully. She dared to measure Xiao Tianyao’s bottom line to her. She wanted to know how much he can tolerate her.

The carriage stopped and the guard beside the coachman said: “Wangye, Wangfei, we arrived.”

Lin Chujiu wanted to get up, but she was carried by Xiao Tianyao. “Open the door.”

“Wangye, let me go.” She didn’t want to be carried inside the Xiao Wangfu, it was too shameful. Moreover, she and Xiao Tianyao were not in that kind of relationship, right?

“You’re hurt.” Xiao Tianyao carried her out to the carriage despite her protest.

“I hurt my back, not my foot. You don’t need to carry me, I can go by myself.” Lin Chujiu was so angry that she didn’t dare to look at the expression of the guard. She buried her face on Xiao Tianyao’s shoulder, pretending nothing was happening.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu, who was hiding her face in his shoulder, he couldn’t help but laugh at this. However, he will not tell her that she doesn’t need to hide her face. Because people don’t know that he carried her.

His guardsmen still dare not to look at him directly.

Xiao Tianyao took Lin Chujiu all the way to his room. Lin Chujiu, who was burying her head, didn’t know where she was. She only found out when Xiao Tianyao let her go: “This is not my room.” 

“It’s too far, your wound needs to be taken care off immediately.” Xiao Tianyao gave a very appropriate reason: “You sit first, benwang will serve you.”

“I will go back to my room and put some medicine.” Lin Chujiu was unprepared for such kind of event. So many things happened this evening. She needed some time to think.

Xiao Tianyao frowned and asked: “Are you sure?”

“Mmm, I’m very sure.” Xiao Tianyao was too overbearing. She was still not used in getting alone with him. She has no other choice inside the carriage.

“Well, benwang will let people send you back.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t hesitate. He turned around and let people send Lin Chujiu back to her courtyard. His indifferent face didn’t have a trace of anger.

Lin Chujiu felt embarrassed at the moment, she wondered if she annoyed Xiao Tianyao. So, she wanted to open up again. However, if Xiao Tianyao was angry, she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t suppress her temper for Xiao Tianyao.

During these days, she had already suppressed enough of her grievances in Xiao Wangfu. But now that Xiao Tianyao took a step back, can she took a step forward?

Lin Chujiu returned to her courtyard without a problem. Xiao Tianyao was not angry with her.

After all, even if Lin Chujiu stayed in his room, he doesn’t have time to accompany her. What happened tonight was enough to make him angry. He had already shown himself, but the other party still dared to make a move to Lin Chujiu? The other party simply didn’t put him in their eyes.

When Xiao Tianyao came to the study room, he had already received a news that Su Cha and Liu Bai was waiting for him. Seeing Xiao Tianyao arrived, Su Cha immediately asked  a question: “Is Wangfei alright?” “

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t say much. After sitting to his chair, he asks: “How is it?”

Liu Bai stepped forward and said: “The Tiancang Pavilion doesn’t have any news about the people behind the Ci Entang. As for whether it was true or not, I can’t tell.”

Su Cha was afraid for Xiao Tianyao’s reaction, so he added immediately: “We haven’t found out the people behind Ci Entang. But, we discovered that Ci Entang has some connection to Divine Doctor Mo.”

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