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“When? I think after an hour, I can’t leave now.” Lin Chujiu left in a hurry after leaving those words.

“Wang… …” Housekeeper Cao, who didn’t have a chance to speak, only swallowed his words.

Lin Chujiu didn’t go back, so Housekeeper Cao also didn’t go back to the Xiao Wangfu. He accompanied Lin Chujiu to the hospital.

In the Xiao Wangfu, Xiao Tianyao who has long been waiting for Lin Chujiu to came back, was feeling more and more unhappy.

That stupid woman, didn’t she know that it was dangerous outside now? She still dared not to come back? Is she aware that she’s a married woman?

Seeing Xiao Tianyao’s face becoming more and more ugly, Su Cha couldn’t help but sigh and ask: “Wangye, Wangfei haven’t come back?”

Xiao Tianyao coldly looked at Su Cha: “If you have time to manage benwang’s affairs, why don’t you find new medicinal herbs instead?”

“Oh… … you mean, to rob the medicinal herbs in the palace, right?” Su Cha said in a low voice while taking a step back.

The farther away he was from Xiao Tianyao, the safer he is.

“After you robbed the medicinal herbs in the palace, don’t you need to find a new batch again?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha with the eyes saying ‘Why are you so stupid?’.

“Well, I am going to find new medicinal herbs.” After knowing Xiao Tianyao’s practice for a long time, Su Cha hurriedly left.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t move. He sat alone in the study room and waited for Lin Chujiu to come back. However, he could wait for an hour, but he could no longer wait for Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao knitted his eyebrows and stood up. His figure disappeared immediately the next, leaving his shadow guards speechless.

“Master, if you leave this fast, we can’t keep up!”

Lin Chujiu said that she will leave after an hour, so she busies herself for the rest of an hour. After leaving instructions to Chunxi and Qiuxi on how to take care of the children, Lin Chujiu changed her clothes. And as expected, she returned to the Xiao Wangfu with Houskeeper Cao, but… …

While in the middle of the road, they met an ambush!

Under the dark sky, a group of black assassins came out of nowhere. When the assassins determined that Lin Chujiu was inside the carriage, they rushed over with their swords. 

“Kill Xiao Wangfei!” The assassins ignored the long swords of Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen. After breaking their defense, they rushed towards the carriage.


When the sword fell, the carriage was split in the middle. Lin Chujiu rolled over to the side, the sword almost cut her scalp, but made her lose some strands of hair.

The assassin missed a shot, so he raised his sword again… …

“Protect Wangfei.” The guard killed one of the assassins and shouted. After he stabbed the assassin, he wanted to push away the people to get close to the carriage, but a longsword stopped him. He saw a long sword was coming towards Lin Chujiu.

“They are dead men.” The guard’s face drastically changed. He wanted to kill the assassin, but the assassin was too far away and it was too late.

Lin Chujiu looked at the shining long sword that was slashed towards her head. She said to herself that she was not afraid of it, but now that it was happening, she couldn’t help but feel scared. But, she has to escape!

After putting both of her hands over her head, Lin Chujiu quickly rolled down the half of carriage… …


The sword was slashed on the wood, and Lin Chujiu fell under the horse that was pulling the carriage. The horse that was pulling the carriage was very uneasy at the moment. Its four limbs constantly stomping on the ground. Lin Chujiu was almost stepped on her head. 

“Xiao Wangfei is under the horse, attacked that horse!” The assassin didn’t give Lin Chujiu a chance to survive. The other assassin slashed the horse, trying to anger it, letting Lin Chujiu died under its horseshoe… …

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