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Xiao Tianyao's voice was not big, but the officials were so afraid to resist. They stood in the threshold in a very awkward posture. They didn’t dare to look at Xiao Tianyao anymore. They just stood like that and wait for Xiao Tianyao to speak again.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay attention to the officials. He only looked at Lin Chujiu and said with a trace of disgust: “You are a Wangfei, but you can’t even control a few officials, your making benwang lose his face.”

Lin Chujiu also felt very wronged: “They don’t believe in my identity. What can I do?”

“If they don’t believe you, hit them.” Xiao Tianyao raised his hand and a strong gust of wind went out.

“Ahhh… …” All the Official scream in pain and flew outside the door like dogs and rolled like balls.

Lin Chujiu looked at it and shook her head: “I can’t do that.” If she has such a powerful fighting skill, she escaped from Xiao Wangfu. Why will she continue staying in Xiao Wangfu and let her be bullied by Xiao Tianyao, right?

“If you can’t do that, then don’t cause trouble, not every time you will have such a good luck.” Xiao Tianyao waved his sleeve and walked straight up, then he pulled a chair and sat down casually.

In an instant, Ci Entang felt like a different place.

The group of officials who had rolled like balls on the ground climbed up in difficulty and kowtowed: “Wangye, please forgive us. This official has no eyes and offended the prince. This official asks Wangye to spare our lives.”

*Thud, thud, thud* The kowtowing sound made the children inside the hall cry in fear. Lin Chujiu felt like her head swelled as big as a cow’s head. She wanted to speak to Xiao Tianyao to stop the officials, but she heard loud footsteps. 

The footsteps were steady and powerful, and they were in unison. When she heard the sound, she knew right away that those were well- trained soldiers. Lin Chujiu raised an eyebrow in surprised: Who is coming?

Soon Lin Chujiu learned.

“Wangye, Wangfei. This subordinates came late to the rescue. Wangye, Wangfei, please forgive this subordinate.” The strong guard was Xiao Tianyao’s subordinate.

“Take those people out.” When Xiao Tianyao spoke, all the officials wanted to ask for mercy, but they were dragged away fast.

When Lin Chujiu saw the rapid  movements of Xiao Wangfu’s guards, her mouth widen in owe: “Do you have to drag away the people like that?”

“Do you want benwang do it himself?” Xiao Tianyao got up and walked out. But, when he passed by Lin Chujiu, he stopped and said: “Everytime you get in trouble, benwang has to come and clean up your mess. Say.. … how many times benwang saved you?”

When his words fell, Xiao Tianyao didn’t give Lin Chujiu an opportunity to speak, he strode outside.

“Hey… …” Lin Chujiu wanted to stop Xiao Tianyao and asked what he means. But, she heard him order: “Take all the children in the hospital.”

“Yes.” Whether the children were dirty or not, the guards stepped forward without any hesitation and hugged the children one by one in their arms.

The children were also well-behaved. They didn’t cry when they were carried outside. Only the baby boy with pneumonia kept crying. His little arms constantly waving, as if he was looking for something.

The guard, who was holding the baby doesn’t know what to do. So, Lin Chujiu took it: “Let me try.”

It was too strange to say, but the baby soon stopped from crying, when Lin Chujiu carried him.

The guard wanted to pick up the baby again, but the baby cried as soon as he left Lin Chujiu’s embrace. In the end, Lin Chujiu carried the baby in her arms.

“There are still many things to be done.” Xiao Tianyao looked back and looked at Lin Chujiu coldly.

Lin Chujiu silently held tight the baby and walked afar from Xiao Tianyao… …

A group of well-trained soldiers came out in the Ci Entang, but they were not holding swords in their hands. Rather, they were holding children. This picture was absolutely attractive, not to mention the man in front has a very imposing atmosphere.

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