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The sword of the Leader was pointed at a child. So, the sword’s tip almost slipped from the child’s face. In dissatisfaction, Lin Chujiu said: “Hold your knife steadily, if you hurt the child, you’re dead.”

“You don’t need to scare people, do you think if you called a shady man Wangye, we will call you Wangfei?” When the Leader saw that the man didn’t move, he was convinced that Lin Chujiu was only lying. So, he was full of enthusiasm again.

Are they kidding? What kind of  Wangye and Wangfei will go in such a ghost place? Not only that but will they hold dirty children? Does she think they were fools?

The Leader pointed his sword in the direction of Xiao Tianyao: “You… … come out from there, don’t force this old man to start a fight. If I accidentally killed these children, don’t think that this old man will leave you alone.”

In order to prove that what he was saying is true, the Leader picked up a child and said: “I will count to three. If you will not cooperate, I will kill this child.”


“Waa, Waa…” The child cried out loud, as he was picked up at the back of his collar. The child’s neck felt tight, so his face changed in color.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but frown. “Wangye, are you sure you will not say anything?”

Xiao Tianyao still ignored Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was anxious and wanted to go forward, but he was blocked by the official. “Don’t come over.”

“Wangye… …” At this moment, he still refused to speak? Then, what is he doing here? To watch the fun?

“Two,” The leader sent out another cry.

“Waa, waa…” The child’s cries began to weaken. Because of it, Lin Chujiu could no longer control herself. She shouted: “Xiao Tianyao, what are you waiting for before you speak?”


The imperial family’s surname!

Did they really encounter a nobleman?

The Leader felt uneasy, he looked at the man in the corner. He no longer dared to be unruly. He quietly carried the child and decided to just wait and see.

Were they so unlucky and really met a prince?

The Leader looked at Xiao Tianyao and waited for his movements… …

“Is this supposed to be your attitude in asking people?” Xiao Tianyao spoke, and at the same time, he got up and walked towards Lin Chujiu.

His pace was graceful and elegant. There were no guards behind him, but obviously, he was a nobleman. His whole body was emitting an atmosphere, that could make people dared not look at him straight.

Oh mama, it is a prince!

The Leader involuntarily retreated, his face became pale, as he continued staring at Xiao Tianyao, who was getting closer and closer.

This get-up was well-known throughout the capital: Isn’t he the God of War, Xiao Wangye?

At the thought of this possibility, the Leader almost went crazy, he then placed the child on the ground. In order not to make a sound, his action was so quiet as a thief.

After the child was put down, the Leader asked with a trembling voice: “I don’t know, how to call this gentleman?”

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care about this officer, but the expression on his eyes didn’t change. He only looked at Lin Chujiu and waited for her statement.

Lin Chujiu helplessly sighed, “Wangye, we have to solve this problem in advance, shouldn’t we?”

“What do you see? What’s the matter?” What about these small officials? What is it?

“Can’t these officials get out and make way?” When Lin Chujiu finished, the Leader immediately shouted: “Let’s get out, move, move.”

Whether the man in front of him was a prince or not, he knew he shouldn’t irritate him. So, they should make the first move.

“Stop!” Xiao Tianyao looked at the Leader, he casually spits out the word ‘stop’, but the officials immediately stopped: “Gen, gentleman… …”

One by one, the Officials looked at Xiao Tianyao in horror, and wait for his words.

Lin Chujiu was so depressed in seeing this. Why there was a big gap between them? She also mentioned her identity, but no one believed her. On the other hand, when Xiao Tianyao came out, he didn’t say much, but these people were very scared. This was… …

A big blow!

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