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“It’s better to cook more rice paste. You don’t need to bring clothes, some people will come soon with clothes.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t really want to reject the woman’s goodwill. But, she knew how important clothes to ordinary people. Clothes for them were like luxurious things.

When the women heard Lin Chujiu’s words, the two other women also said that they will be cooked rice paste at home. Lin Chujiu saw that the children only ate half stomach full. They need to eat again after two hours. So, she gave the guard a money to buy rice.

The women saw Lin Chujiu’s generosity. So, the rest of the sellers said that they will go and looked for some stove that can be used to boil water. After all, some children were very thirsty.

The guard looked at Xiao Tianyao and looked at Lin Chujiu. When he noticed he was not needed, he slipped away decisively.

There was no stove in the backyard, but there was a well. The women let the guard build simple stove from the stones in the backyard. And then, they went outside to buy firewood, pots and wooden barrels. Each of them busies themselves.

There was no house around the Ci Entang. There were only a few people coming in that place. But now, people keep coming in and out. This scene quickly attracted the attention of the passerby. There was even a curious person, who ran closer to see the situation inside. But after he saw the situation inside, his eyes widen and ran far away. 

As soon as he ran far, he was surrounded by people. “Gou’er, what is it? What’s going on inside?”

The man named Gou’er shook his head and said: “There is a fool who took care of the children in Ci Entang.”

“What? Someone went to the Ci Entang? Someone is destined be unlucky. The government will surely come. Let’s go far away from this place, so we won’t be dragged in here.” The aware people said. The unaware people were very puzzled, so they pulled the aware people and asked. But no one was willing to give them an answer. This commotion spread out quickly.

People who only want to watch a live show were not afraid to make things big, they keep spreading out the news until… …

A group of government officials appeared on the street. The onlookers were all shocked in this. They dispersed and gave way to the government officials.

Regardless of the onlookers, the group of officials surrounded the area. When the leader of the officials saw a shadow inside the Ci Entang, his face darken and he pulled out his sword, then rushed inside.

“Who dared to make a trouble in Ci Entang?” Only Lin Chujiu was left taking care of the children inside the hall. Xiao Tianyao who was sitting in the corner completely hides his presence.

The leader didn’t notice Xiao Tianyao’s existence inside, so he pointed his sword at Lin Chujiu: “She’s the one making trouble inside the Ci Entang. Come and take her away.” When the leader finished his words, two officials went behind Lin Chujiu to take her away.

“Wait, wait.” Lin Chujiu was startled. She took a stepped back with the baby and said: “Who are you? I didn’t cause any trouble in the Ci Entang. The children here are the ones who were wronged. I’m just taking care of them.”

“Who are we? Can’t you see it? We are government officials.” The leader pointed out his finger on his uniform, then added: “As for taking care of them? These children were under the care of the government. Who needs you to take care of them? Tell me, what is your real purpose in coming in Ci Entang? Do you want to sell these children?”

“You are bogus.” Lin Chujiu laughed. “These children are seriously ill and frail. But you’re saying your government officials are taking care of them?”

“You, how dare you speak ill of our government? This little girl seemed doesn’t want to live anymore. What are you still doing? Take her away!” The leader winks his eye and shouted loudly: “This woman is the murderer who killed the abandoned children in the Ci Entang. Quickly, arrest her!”

In a sense, the leader unknowingly put a big crime on Lin Chujiu’s head!

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