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After the guard left, only one person was left busy in the Ci Entang… …

Lin Chujiu has been carrying the baby who has pneumonia. Whenever she tried to put down the baby, the baby cried with heartbreaking cries.

Lin Chujiu was afraid that the baby would cry and suffocate himself. So, she could only coax the other children with her other hand. She was so busy, so she was sweating all over her body.

As for Xiao Tianyao?

Lin Chujiu don’t expect him to help, so he only asked him not to add more trouble.

Fortunately, the guard came back soon. He came back not only with the rice paste that children could eat but also with the sellers.

“Feed them one by one, from the smallest to biggest.” When the guard looked at Xiao Tianyao and saw him only sitting in the corner and not speaking. He had no choice but to make arrangements to the women one by one.

When the women received the copper coins and saw the children on the ground, where not that dirty. They pulled up their sleeves and fed the children one by one. Those women were very skilled, so not even a drop of food was wasted. It can be seen that they have done it all the time.

At this moment, the children on the ground, whether big or small, have food stuffed in their mouths. They were very busy to swallow the foods in their mouth. The other children who haven’t eaten kept watching this scene. They were looked very distress.

“Oh, these children were very hungry. Where did all the caretakers go?” Due to the guard’s presence, the woman didn’t dare to be more frank with her words. But, they could really see how pitiful the children were in this place. They couldn’t even help but shed some tears.

Seeing that the guard didn’t pay attention to them, the other women also gained some courage: “These children don’t even have a small meat on their body. Those caretakers are really cruel.”

“These children’s parents are more heartless, after giving birth they abandoned their child.” A gray clothed woman, who was holding a little girl said in distressed. She fed the little girl with two more mouthfuls of rice paste.

“Even if this child has rabbit lips, it won’t matter after she grows up. There were also children like this in our village. But when they grow up, they didn’t have children with the same case.”

“This child is more pitiful, he not only lose a leg but also his parents. How can he live in the future?”

The children who were left unattended in Ci Entang looked very pitiful. Anyone who will see their situation will feel bad. Only Xiao Tianyao… …

Didn’t have any mood swings. He only sat in the corner emotionless. He also restrained his presence, so no one noticed his existence. Lin Chujiu looked up from time to time to his place, so she knew he hasn’t left.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t understand why Xiao Tianyao came to the Ci Entang. Was it because of her?

If it was before, she might think of this, but now… …

Ever since he hurt her emotionally, Lin Chujiu only expect Xiao Tianyao’s unruly behavior all the time. Seeing Xiao Tianyao looked disgusted in the place, but still refusing to leave. Lin Chujiu felt like Xiao Tianyao must be planning something.

However, as long as Xiao Tianyao will not hinder her, she doesn’t care about his plans or calculations. She was not smart enough to completely avoid trouble, but she wants to avoid them as much as possible.

Soon, the women had used all the rice paste they had brought, but not all the children had eaten enough. One of the sellers took the initiative: “My house is close to this place. I will go and cook another pot. There were also some used clean clothes at home. I will bring some of them. These children’s clothes are dirty and wet, they might get sick if they continue wearing it.”

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