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In the Dimly lit room, all the people inside were children. There were babies covered with their sputum. There were also children who can now climb. These children were randomly placed on the ground, unattended.

When the guard walked in, he found out that the smell inside was even more unpleasant. The foul smell was mixed with baby’s milk, so people couldn’t help but feel sick.

The guard only took a glanced inside and then rushed out: “Wangfei, there are a lot of children inside. All of them are placed on the ground.” He just took a glance, so he was not sure if those children in the corner were dead or alive.

“No one is taking care of them?” Lin Chujiu knitted her eyebrows and pushed the guard, then she went forward. When she smelled the scent inside, she almost took a few steps backward.

The room was dim and damp, there was a moldy smell inside. Showing that no one really takes care of the place.

“In this bad environment, they left all these children?” Lin Chujiu walked inside and pushed opened all the window. Letting the air circulate and letting the sunlight shone inside.

When the sunlight shone, several children stopped crying and curiously looked around. Some children couldn’t adapt to the light and cry even louder.

However, when the sunlight entered the room, the situation inside became more clear at a glance. The room was as big as five flat room, stuffed with almost 20 big and small children. All of them were lying on the ground.

The clothes on the children’s body have long lost its colors. There were yellow substances on the ground, which couldn’t be identified if it was a vomit or stool.

“No wonder there are so many patients.” In this kind of environment, no need to talk about children, because even adults cannot withstand this kind of place.

The situation in the other room was the same. After the guard have seen it, he went back to Lin Chujiu and said: “Wangfei, what should we do now? These children… … Even if we didn’t come to look, how can other people just ignored them?”

“Let someone go back to the Xiao Wangfu and take my medicine box. Bring some clean clothes and all the people who are not busy. These children need an urgent treatment. Also, bring some foods that babies could eat. They must be very hungry.”

“Yes.” The dark guard who was secretly protecting Lin Chujiu immediately return to the Xiao Wangfu and followed Lin Chujiu’s orders.

Lin Chujiu’s clothes were not dirty, but she took the children outside the room one by one.

Although the children have long been crying, they stopped crying when someone carried them.

The main hall of Ci Entang was empty, there was nothing inside aside from a wooden table. Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to put the children on top of the table. She had no choice but to put them back on the floor.

The guard also helped to carry the children outside the room. When the children came out of the room, most of them stopped crying. The guard thought some children couldn’t cry anymore, but he saw them having a purple complexion. 

How pitiful.

“Wangfei, there are four dead children in this room.” The guard almost chokes in sadness, he held the dead children’s hand tightly.

“I have two here, too.” Lin Chujiu took out the dead children and gently placed it on the table with a low spirit.

The guard saw Lin Chujiu put the dead children on top of the table. As if they were fragile dolls.

“What are the people of Ci Entang in the capital is doing? Aren’t they supposed to take care of these children?” The guard looked at the children on the table with inexplicable emotions.

Two children who can climb, carefully climb to Lin Chujiu’s feet and grabbed her skirt. Their dirty face was showing an eagerness to eat. They were very hungry.

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