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When Meng Daren heard Divine Doctor Mo’s words, his heart felt a moment of gratefulness. Divine Doctor Mo’s character was bad, but his medical skills were the best among the doctors in the four countries. If there is a person in the four countries that can cure his son’s illness, he’s afraid that it is only Divine Doctor Mo.

But, if he agrees to let Divine Doctor Mo treat his son, then the Meng Family could no longer pursue the matter 20 years ago. As for the other accusations to Divine Doctor Mo?

Meng Daren believes that as long as they no longer pursue Dean Meng’s case, the other accusations will be unwarranted. The government will believe that it was only groundless or fabricated by the silver-haired old man.

When the silver-haired old man heard Divine Doctor Mo’s words, he looked back at the two people talking before leaving. He left with full of contempt and disdain. While Divine Doctor Mo, as if nothing happened, he only stands quietly and waits for Meng Daren’s answer.

Divine Doctor Mo was 90% sure that the Meng Family will agree to him. Looking at the four countries, no one else but him can cure Meng Gongzi’s aphasia.

Meng Daren wanted to say no, but thinking about his son that couldn’t speak. If he refuses, his son wouldn’t be able to speak for the rest of his life. But if he agreed, he felt like he will swallow flies.

Meng Daren sighed and said: “This matter, let me think about it.”

Divine Doctor Mo didn’t say anything, he accepted Meng Daren’s decision. He didn’t try pressing the matter, he just left calmly… …

Ordinary people didn’t know what happened in the court, but the Emperor and Xiao Tianyao was aware of it. The Emperor knew that Divine Doctor Mo recognized his crime to the Meng Family, but refused to admit his other crimes. With this, the Emperor couldn’t help but laughed: “He is really shrewd.”

Just don’t admit things, if you don’t want to admit it. There were many pieces of evidence pointing his crime to Dean Meng, and Meng Family was also in the capital. If Divine Doctor Mo will not admit it, he will be investigated more and more.

As for the rest?

As long as Xiao Tianyao will not intervene, the Emperor believes that those things will not be exposed.

“Since he has the ability to turn over things, zhen will take care one or two of his things.” The Emperor ordered his people to let Divine Doctor Mo enjoyed special treatment in the prison. Although he still looked old, he has a clean and tidy appearance. He can maintain his high and grand appearance.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t care about Divine Doctor Mo refusing to admit his other crimes that the silver-haired old man has put on his head. The cleaner Divine Doctor Mo gets now, the more he will fall to the pits of hell once his secret experiments were exposed. As for the matter regarding about Meng Family, he cannot control it.

However, Su Cha was worried: “If Meng Family asked Divine Doctor Mo to heal Meng Gongzi, Divine Doctor Mo’s other crime will be very difficult to pursue. Regardless, if it’s for the sake of Meng Family or Divine Doctor Mo’s face. Meng Family will unconditionally support Divine Doctor Mo.”

“Unless, we will take down the Meng Family.” A person cannot kill a snake by letting it bite itself. Xiao Tianyao knew this very clearly. And since this issue was about Divine Doctor Mo, naturally, he will not let Divine Doctor Mo make a come back.

“Meng Family will not agree in a short period of time. I will speed up the news in the Southern Country. I’ll make sure it will be exposed in two days. This news will be loud for a while.” The Southern Country was very far from the East. At ordinary times, the news will spread after ten days.

In that ten days, it’s possible for Divine Doctor Mo to overturn his case.

Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger on the table, after a long while, he said: “Because of Mo Yuer’s poisonous hairpin, benwang’s treatment ended up as a failure. And almost completely ruined benwang’s legs. Revealed it to the Meng Family.”

Su Cha’s eyes shine brightly: “Meng Family will hesitate more with this news.”

“As long as they hesitate, things will be much easier.” Xiao Tianyao closed his eyes, his lips slightly curved into a smile, but this smile looked very dangerous… … Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. TL’s Request: This site run on ads, so please kindly turn off your ad blocker or add this site to your whitelist to support my translation, if you can. No spoilers, please!

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