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It was 20 years ago, so Divine Doctor Mo had already forgotten many things. But if it’s about Dean Meng of Wenchang College, Divine Doctor Mo clearly remembered everything, even the smallest details.

When the silver-haired old man narrate the things happened that year, Divine Doctor Mo didn’t say a word.

Although the silver-haired old man said many words that out of the real events, but there were almost the same… …

At that time, he didn’t really want to cure Dean Meng’s illness. Because his illness was very difficult. He doesn’t know how he will cure him and he doesn’t want to taint his name.

However, he owes Dean Meng’s student a favor. And because that student asked him to cure Dean Meng. He has no choice but to take a shot.

He didn’t experiment on Dean Meng’s body. It’s just Dean Meng’s condition was really bad, he couldn’t wait for his disciple to bring back the medicine.

Additionally, 20 years ago, his reputation was very far from his prestige nowadays. He was also not as calm as he is now. At that time, he was chasing for fame and fortune. But that woman was pregnant with his child. She threatened him with his child if he won’t marry her, so… …

He has no choice but to stabbed his disciple on his back. And so, on the day his disciple left, he gave Dean Meng the medicine he prepared.

At that time, he already made a decision to take credit once Dean Meng’s conditions become good. His name will be big. If that happens, he will be able to marry that woman. Once the other people look at his superior medical skills, they will forgive him for the little flaws he made.

But if Dean Meng died, then he will kill his disciple and made him shoulder his crime. By then, he will also be able to marry his disciple’s wife. No one will blame him for taking care of his disciple’s wife.

After he gave the medicine to Dean Meng, Dean Meng died. And everything moved according to his plans. In the end, he became a big hero, while the silvered old man succumbed to his sin.

However, even though Divine Doctor Mo successfully pushed his crime to his disciple at that time. The Meng Family was still angry at him. Thinking that he brought a useless person to treat their family headmaster, which cause him to die.

Since then, the Meng family stopped asking Divine Doctor Mo’s medical assistance. Even when they find out that their young master couldn’t speak, they didn’t go to him and ask him for a cure.

The silver-haired old man didn’t know Divine Doctor Mo’s thoughts at that time. That’s why, he could only narrate what he knew in the past. However, in order to prove that what he was saying was true, he also took out Divine Doctor Mo’s prescription at that time and also the dregs that Dean Meng has taken. The dregs were still available, even though 20 years have now passed. But, even if the silver-haired old man had tried to preserve it well, the dregs were now difficult to identify.

Fortunately, the words on the prescription were still clear and visible. Meng Daren could tell that it was Divine Doctor Mo’s handwriting in just one glance. He could also recognize the written medicinal ingredients. Because his father died under that medicine.

“Yes. Divine Doctor Mo also said that my father died under this medicine.” Meng Daren was a gentle scholar. He rarely gets angry at ordinary times, but this time, he was holding the prescription that killed his father.

His father was indeed very ill, but if it wasn’t for this medicine, his father wouldn’t die so suddenly. And he wouldn’t have this hatred in his heart.

At that time, they also went and asked Divine Doctor Mo for treatment. They made it clear, that if he can’t cure his father, he might at least prolonged his father’s life until he sees the birth of his first grandson. But because of Divine Doctor Mo’s selfishness, his father died earlier. 

Seeing this prescription, Meng Daren couldn’t help but get angry: “Divine Doctor Mo, your medical skills are excellent, but it can’t hide the lack of your character. What I regret most in my life, is asking you to cure my father.”

His disciple and evidences were all present. Divine Doctor Mo could no longer argue. He could only admit his crime. Divine Doctor Mo deeply sighed and looked at Meng Daren with eyes full of sorrow and self-blame: “Meng Daren, what I did in the past was wrong. That’s why I’ve been living with shame all these years. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Forgive? Why do we need to forgive you for your wrongdoings? I believe the law in the East Country will give our Meng Family a justice.” The Meng Family was a famous family. He was also a famous scholar, but it doesn’t mean that he was a saint.

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