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Lin Chujiu came to thank Xiao Tianyao!

No matter what, Xiao Tianyao's cold fruit was indeed good for her body. She should thank him for his good intention.

Even after Lin Chujiu came inside the study room, she was still thinking about how she will open up the topic, where she wouldn’t sound so blunt. However, she saw Xiao Tianyao sitting arrogantly and then she heard him said: “If you came to thank benwang, you don’t have to. Benwang don’t accept thanks without sincerity.”

Did she say she came to thank him?

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao but didn’t speak… …

“What? Didn’t you come to thank benwang? Do you think benwang will be pleased if you say thank you?” Xiao Tianyao once again opened his mouth, but he was still very mean and annoying. Lin Chujiu’s grateful feelings instantly disappeared.

“What do you want me to do in exchange?” Hearing Xiao Tianyao direct words, Lin Chujiu also decided to be direct.

“Aren’t you scared that benwang might decide to sell you?” Xiao Tianyao said with a sneer, then leaned his back to his chair and looked at Lin Chujiu.

“Even if you sell me, you can only get a few coins.” Lin Chujiu stood quietly and seemed unaffected by Xiao Tianyao’s mean words.

“You know your worth pretty well. Benwang doesn’t have time to talk nonsense with you. If there’s nothing else, go out, benwang is very busy.” Xiao Tianyao looked very impatient.

Who’s talking nonsense?

Lin Chujiu wanted to go straight away, but remembering Xiao Tianyao haven’t said his condition. She asked about it again: “What do you want me to do?”

“What can you do for benwang? Lin Chujiu, don’t think too highly of yourself. It’s only a cold fruit. Benwang gave it to you as a reward.”

These words… are generally not annoying.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath. After that, she felt her temper get a bit better. But, she paid respect impolitely and left with stumping feet. Xiao Tianyao only shook his head and said nothing.

At night, as always, Xiao Tianyao hugged Lin Chujiu in his sleep. But compared to before, the two of them were closer than ever… …

After Xiao Tianyao's legs recovered from injuries, not only the East Country, but also the South, West, and Northern Country were eyeing him. When Xiao Tianyao destroyed the Tiancang Pavilion of the East, these countries were all waiting for the sects to cut off Xiao Tianyao’s head.

However, when the news spread that the sects who robbed Xiao Tianyao’s grains and medicines have been annihilated. Every one of them was shocked, but they also felt like it was something natural to happen.

“This is the pride of the East God of War.”

“Those who commit sin, must be punished!”

“The Northern Country is now in danger!”

After the news broke out, some people were very glad to the point they exclaimed: “Fortunately, I didn’t listen to Divine Doctor Mo’s words at that time.”

“Even if there is a return favor, it’s not worth it to put the life of the whole sect.”

“I will not help Divine Doctor Mo, what he did is really too much.”

Originally, after Divine Doctor Mo’s case spread out, some people who had a deep connection with him wanted to help. But when they heard Xiao Tianyao fierce movement, almost 90% of them dismissed their idea.

It's not that they don't want to help Divine Doctor Mo, its just they don’t dare to help.

Divine Doctor Mo’s disciple went around asking for help. In the beginning, there were several people said that they will think about it, but when they heard the other people involved, they immediately closed their door.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help. It’s just, Divine Doctor Mo really did something against the nature. We didn’t expect that Divine Doctor Mo is such a kind of person.” The person who spoke was someone owed Divine Doctor Mo. He was one of the people that vowed to help Divine Doctor Mo within their ability, but in the end, they turned their head one by one.

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