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Once the Emperor learned the hidden valley in Southern Country, his face will inevitably change, but now is not the time…

Not to mention, Xiao Tianyao’s men haven’t started yet. But even if they did, the news will not reach the east quickly. The Emperor must wait for a while before he learns this thing.

During lunch, there was this deepening silence. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any fear or uneasiness in front of the Emperor. After he ate, regardless the Emperor was still eating or not, Xiao Tianyao put down his chopsticks, got up and left. Completely ignoring the Emperor’s face.

The Emperor almost burst into anger, but he remembered he just asked Xiao Tianyao to stop his actions. So this time, he will not cause trouble to Xiao Tianyao, he will hold back his anger.

After the meal was finished, the Emperor no longer want to see Xiao Tianyao’s face again. He sent him out in the palace.

“This younger brother will retire.” Xiao Tianyao said and turned, then went outside.

But, as soon as he came out of the imperial hall, he saw the Minister of War Official rushing in. When the Minister of War Official was about to bump him, Xiao Tianyao tiptoed and lightly avoided.

When the Ministry of War Official almost bumps Xiao Tianyao, he wanted to open his mouth to apologize. But, he didn’t stop and continued rushing inside the imperial hall.

Right now, there was a more important issue than apologizing.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry, instead, his lips curved into a smile.

He didn’t expect that those people will do it soon. The Emperor’s face must have changed drastically!


The Emperor slammed the table and stood up: “What did you say? Our grains were robbed? And there was no left behind?”

“Yes, yes.” The Ministry of War Official, who was kneeling on the ground, was about to cry. 

It was a big disaster.

“Who on earth has the gall to rob the imperial court’s grains?” The Emperor clenched his hand into a fist. As his face become blue. Obviously, he was angry.

“It was the Ghost Mountain Bandits. They got our route of transport and ambush us. Then, they robbed all of our grains.” Under the great pressure of the Emperor, the Ministry of War Official almost faint. But because his blood circulation was good, he couldn’t faint at all.

“Ghosts Mountain Bandits? They have great courage.” Hearing the words bandits, the Emperor’s face become more unsightly.

He has repeatedly sent troops to encircle these bandits in the Ghost Mountain, but he never succeeds even once. The Ghost Mountain was very easy to encircled but hard to attack. The most important thing was, the Ghost Mountain lived up to its name. Troops that walked in there, seems like had walked over to a ghost wall, and never came out again.

“Huangshang, huangshang… …” The Ministry of War Official, who was still kneeling on the ground was so scared. His body was trembling with fear. But he still dared to say: “The front line was now in a tight position. We need to arrange another group of people to transport food.”  They were short on foods, but it was not easy to transport grains.

"Transport grains again? Can you promise this time that it will not be robbed by the Ghost Mountain Bandits again?” The Emperor was almost certain that the Ghost Mountain Bandits will rob the imperial court’s grains again and Xiao Tianyao will fail to get rid of them.

Divine Doctor Mo conspired with the sects to robbed Xiao Tianyao’s grains and medicines. Right now, the grains of the imperial court was robbed by the Ghost Mountain Bandits. So if anyone will say that this was not Xiao Tianyao’s doing, the Emperor will not believe in it.

“This, this… … shouldn’t we send Xiao Wangye to eradicate the bandits?” The Ministry of War Official’s eyes flashed, and he remembered seeing Xiao Tianyao a bit earlier, so he busily said.

The Emperor was furious: “Stupid!” He doesn’t want Xiao Tianyao to have military power again. But this stupid official wanted to let Xiao Tianyao go.

If they will destroy the bandits, they must send out soldiers. Xiao Tianyao will have military power again by then. But after that, can he take it back again?

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