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The movement outside the house was not small. So, when Housekeeper Cao heard it, he busily came to see. But when he saw Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha come together, Housekeeper Cao’s face slightly changed. But then, he respectfully called out their name: “Wangye, Young Master Su.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao simply answered and stopped walking. Su Cha took the initiative to asked Housekeeper Cao: “Is Wangfei inside? How is Chen San’s situation?”

“Wangfei is busy inside. Chen San’s wound is in a very bad condition. Wangfei said he had a contact with copper rust. Aside from Chen San, several men also have rotted wounds, but the severity is not the same.” When Housekeeper Cao finished, he knitted his eyebrows and added: “This old slave is preparing to report this matter to Wangye, but the medicine mixed with copper rust has not been fully identified. It’s still being investigated, which made this old slave to report late.”

Su Cha felt something was wrong, but he still showed a positive attitude: “What happened?”

“The traumatic medicine we bought last time was mixed with copper rust.” Housekeeper Cao looked up at Xiao Tianyao. When he saw him lowered his head, he knew he was listening, so he continued: “It was originally the medicines we’re intending to send to the front line. But because Wangfei formulated a new prescription, we left it behind here. And then, we found out a copper rust was mixed. Although the amount is relatively small, it can still affect the wound recovery.”

Housekeeper Cao didn’t actually know whether to be thankful or what… …

If this batch of medicines that has copper rust was sent to the front line, it can be seen that it will not help their people to recover, but rather, harm them more.

“Check it out immediately!” Xiao Tianyao stepped forward and dropped those words, then he continues to move forward.

“Yes.” Su Cha already knew he can no longer see the most dazzling performance of Lin Chujiu.

He was so sad. If he knew that this thing will happen, he would have gone out with Liu Bai.

Su Cha reluctantly took a glance in front, and then melancholy turned away.

When Xiao Tianyao entered, Lin Chujiu was still cleaning Chen San's eye. Chen San's left eye was all rotten. The rot on his eyeball must be completely removed.

The eyes were one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Removing the rotten flesh was a very delicate job. Although the medical system was helping Lin Chujiu, she must still be very careful.

At this time, Lin Chujiu's appearance was incompatible to the people around her. She was wearing a white coat, green face mask and a pair of strange eyeglasses. She was completely dressed up as a surgeon in the operating room of modern time but standing in an antique house. Her appearance looked pretty awkward, but… … 

As soon as she started doing her work, no one noticed this difference anymore. Everyone’s attention was placed on her hands. Every time she moved them, everyone couldn’t help but admire her cleverness!

Yes, how can she be this smart? How can she stop her movement in the right place each time?

The eyeball was so fragile, but she dared to poke it with a knife? This was simply a miracle.

When Xiao Tianyao first came in, he was also attracted by Lin Chujiu's hands. Her hands were not moving fast, but every movement could attract everyone's attention. And every one of them couldn’t take away their eyes, but… …

Soon, Xiao Tianyao's admiration was replaced by anger!

What is the name of that injured bastard? Chen San?

That injured guard’s head was actually very close to Lin Chujiu’s chest. Does he want to die?

*Crack* Xiao Tianyao clenched his hand into a fist, his fingers creaked, as he was pressing down his impulse to pull apart the two people.

However, he knew very well that once he did that, Lin Chujiu will definitely no longer give him a face.

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