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Xiao Tianyao has written words on his face ‘Benwang is very angry’. Lin Chujiu wanted to say a few good words to coax him and to thank him for giving her the cold fruit, but… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t give Lin Chujiu a chance. As soon as she opened her mouth, Xiao Tianyao told her to shut up and go outside again.

“Wangye, we… …” Can’t we have a good talk?

“Shut up, benwang has no time to talk to you.” Xiao Tianyao put the letter he wrote that had just dried in the envelope. And then, he picked up the files on the side and read them. After he finished reading the files, he knocked the table twice, to call An Wei.

“Wangye,” An Wei didn’t avoid Lin Chujiu’s existence and just kneel in front of Xiao Tianyao.

In short, Xiao Wangye was very busy, he was so busy that he doesn’t even have a time to swept his eyes to Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to get irritated again, so she just went outside.

He didn’t ask if she wants that cold fruit, and then he strongly gave it to her. But now Xiao Tianyao was expecting her to thank him?

After going outside the study room, Lin Chujiu was still angry. The more she thought what happened a bit earlier, the more she felt Xiao Tianyao was annoying. It was always impossible to say what she really wanted to say.

Just right after coming out of Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard, Lin Chujiu met Housekeeper Cao, who was in a hurry. So, she couldn’t help but ask: “Housekeeper Cao, what’s wrong?”

“Wangfei…” Housekeeper Cao was running very fast, so he didn’t notice Lin Chujiu. He just stopped when he heard Lin Chujiu’s voice.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Chujiu saw Housekeeper Cao’s anxious face, so she couldn’t help but ask again.

“Wangfei, I want to ask you for a favor…” Housekeeper Cao looked very shy and a bit hesitant.

“What’s the matter, can’t you just say it?” Lin Chujiu felt that Xiao Wangfu’s people were really strange. They obviously don’t take her identity seriously, but they keep entangled her with some trivial matters.

Housekeeper Cao was still a bit hesitant, but he still opened his mouth in the end: “There is an injured guard, his wound has rotted, I am trying to find a doctor.”

Doctor Wu was not in the Xiao Wangfu. There were other doctors, but they don’t dare to treat the guard because his wound was on his eyes. If they were not careful enough, they might damage the patient’s eye. 

Housekeeper Cao didn’t actually want to look for Lin Chujiu. And because of her identity, he really didn’t dare to speak this matter to her.

“His wound has rotted? Is it that serious? I will go and see.” Lin Chujiu didn’t wait for Housekeeper Cao to open his mouth. She took the initiative.

“Thank you, Wangfei,” Housekeeper Cao looked very happy, and then he told the situation to Lin Chujiu: “Chen San injured his left eye, his eyeball was scratched. He usually changed the dressing of his wound carefully, but we don’t know what happened, his wound has rotted. He didn’t take it seriously at first, but his wound has gotten worst. The doctors in the house didn’t dare to touch his wound, they were afraid to hurt his eye.”

Lin Chujiu's face was looking more and more dignified, but before she saw the wound, she couldn't give an opinion. So, she only said: “You help me get my medicine box.”

When she brought her medicine box into the palace, she didn’t have the chance to take away any medical supplies inside of it. This time, those things will become handy.

“Yes,” Housekeeper Cao said in a loud voice, and then he busily ordered some people to take Lin Chujiu’s medicine box. While he took Lin Chujiu to the wounded guard.

On the way, they encountered Liu Bai and Su Cha. Su Cha politely asked where Lin Chujiu was going. Lin Chujiu haven’t opened her mouth, but Housekeeper Cao hurriedly explained things.

“That serious? Would you like us to help?” Su Cha said with enthusiasm.

Well, he would never admit that he was itching to see Lin Chujiu’s medical talent. Last time, he didn’t saw her treating the traumatic wound.

Lin Chujiu politely replied: “No need. Young Master Su came to see Wangye, there must be something important to discuss. I don’t dare to delay Wangye’s affairs.”

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