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The Emperor really didn’t think about it. That one day, someone will go to the Judicial Court and sue Divine Doctor Mo. This simple, yet brutal method seems like that person’s behavior…

“Check it, find out who’s doing it.” When he heard that someone sue Divine Doctor Mo, the Emperor first concern was not about the hearing of the case, but rather who was the ghost behind it.

The imperial hall was quiet, no one answered the words of the Emperor, but the Judicial Officer felt a chill on his back.

At this time, the Emperor was having a private meeting with the Judicial Officer and looking at the pressed report on the table. After thinking for a moment, the Emperor spoke: “I will do the hearing according to the rules. I don’t want to hear any comments from Wenchang College’s people.”

“This minister will obey.” The Judicial Officer understood that the Emperor will give up Divine Doctor Mo: “Huangshang, Divine Doctor Mo is now in the palace, this minister wonder if he could ask Divine Doctor Mo to go to the Judicial Court?” So that, he no longer needs to come back to the palace.

“Zhen will send the person to you, you retreat first.” The Emperor simply said. He doesn’t want to say more to the Judicial Officer. Some things need to check first.

The fact that Divine Doctor Mo was suddenly being exposed was too clever. Now that he didn’t need Divine Doctor Mo, and now that he was planning to give him up, someone went to the Judicial Court and sue him. That ghost who took a shot might know him very well or must be around him.

When the Judicial Officer left, a palace minister came to report: “Huangshang, Meng Family of Wenchang College is seeking an audience.”

“Meng Family of Wenchang College? Is it just a coincidence?” One thing comes after another, which a person couldn’t help but doubt.

“Let them in!”

No need to ask why the Meng Family of Wenchang College wanted to see the Emperor this time. Obviously, they hope the Emperor would allow them to confront Divine Doctor Mo and his disciple. They wanted to find out why the Old Dean died at that time.

This action of the Meng family was reasonable. Their reputation was at stake, so the Emperor couldn’t refuse. The Emperor fulfilled the Meng Family’s request and sent their party to the Judicial Court.

When Lin Chujiu was about to go back, the Meng Family’s carriage was coming in a hurry. But they were acting in a low-key manner. They didn’t reveal their identity at all. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know the Meng Family, she also doesn’t know who was coming.

Their carriages met on the street. Lin Chujiu’s bodyguard drove their carriage to the side and waited for the other party to passed by.

Lin Chujiu stayed outside for a day. When she went back, it was already in the evening. Housekeeper Cao began to worry and went outside to wait for Lin Chujiu. He was afraid of what might have happened to her. How will he explain to their Wangye if something bad happens?

Housekeeper Cao asked the guards to keep watching at the gate. And report back to him every half hour. Housekeeper Cao went back inside and continue praying for Lin Chujiu to come back early.

But Lin Chujiu seems like a wild horse that runs outside. The sky was now dark, but she hasn’t returned.

“Why Wangfei haven’t come back yet?” Housekeeper Cao asked for 100th times. The guard who was standing at the gate bowed his head and didn’t say anything.

Housekeeper Cao went outside again and walked back and forth at the gate. He was afraid to hear a bad news when Lin Chujiu return.

“Why Wangfei haven’t come back yet? Oh God, please don’t let her get hurt. Wangye will not let me go.” Housekeeper Cao turned around at the gate. The guards didn’t express their opinion. Anyway, after Housekeeper Cao walked back and forth twice, he asked the same question again.

“Why Wangfei haven’t come back yet? Should I send some people to look for her?” Housekeeper Cao hesitated, but then he looked up and walked inside the house. He took a step forward and stopped: “Wait, if Wangfei learned that I sent some people to look for her, she might think that I am going against her and not listening to her.”

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